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Coraopolis residents know that when they have a bug problem, there's only one place to call. Spectrum Pest Control offers the assistance you need, whether you have an ant infestation in the bathroom or cockroaches in the kitchen.

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Brad was really helpful and informative and took his time explaining exactly what he was doing. We have a small ant problem and he inspected the area very thoroughly and found exactly where the ants had been living.

Pest Control in Coraopolis

If you’ve been searching for pest control in Coraopolis that you can rely on, look no further. Why Spectrum Pest Control? Our Spectrum Ultimate Care Program guarantees that you will get exactly what you need from pest control companies in Coraopolis: prompt and reliable elimination of all the ants, roaches, earwigs, mice, silverfish, or other common vermin that invade Coraopolis homes.

What is the Spectrum Ultimate Care Program? It’s a pest-free philosophy that starts with a time-tested 3-Step Program designed to get rid of your pests and keep them gone, backed up with a Pest-Free Promise and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. That means when you call us for pest control, we will get rid of all your pests and make sure they stay gone. If your pests come back, so will we. If we don’t do as we have promised, you get your money back.

By choosing Spectrum Pest Control as your exterminator in Coraopolis, you rid yourself of all the stress of dealing with home pest infestation. Just call us and we will take care of everything.


The Three-Step Spectrum Program

Why three steps? What are they? This annual program is a three-phase plan that deals with the root of your pest problem. It’s not the pests you have now that are the real problem — it’s the fact that these pests were able to get into your home so easily. If your pest control company doesn’t take care of that, your pests will return. Our exterminators in Pittsburgh have the experience necessary to thoroughly get rid of your infestation.

We make sure that doesn’t happen in three steps:

Step One – Inspection

The key to good pest control is preparation. A company that just comes in and sprays isn’t addressing your real problem. We start with a full inspection of your home, inside and outside, to find out just where and how these pests are getting into your home in the first place.

Step Two – Treatment

When we get to the treatment phase, you’ll get the best treatment that modern pest control technology has to offer. Our highly trained technicians know the best ways to handle your pests and will thoroughly remove them from your home.

Step Three – Prevention

It’s not enough to get rid of all your pests now. You need to know they aren’t coming back. That’s where our continuing prevention comes in. We’ll seal the cracks and holes that pests use to enter your home, creating an invisible pest barrier, and we will return periodically to refresh your protection and make sure you are not at the mercy of new seasonal bugs.


Why Is Spectrum Pest Control the Right Company?

Homes and businesses with pest control problems in Coraopolis choose Spectrum Pest Control because we are western Pennsylvania’s local pest control company. We are a part of this community and we treat our customers accordingly. When you choose Spectrum Pest Control in Coraopolis, you’ll get:

  • The care that comes from a locally owned company: Our staff has faced the same home pest problems that you have. We know how upsetting an infestation of earwigs, roaches, ants, or other household pests can be to you and your family. We also know exactly what to do about it.
  • Fast, friendly, reliable service: We emphasize customer service as part of our commitment to the local community. That means when you call us with a pest problem, we will listen carefully to the issues you are struggling with and make an appointment as soon as possible. When it’s time to deliver our services, you won’t have to wait around for us to show up. And we can do most of our work without you, since a lot of our treatment takes place outside, where bugs and mice enter your home.
  • Pest control that you can be confident in: We realize that you may have been burned in the past by exterminators who say they are going to solve the problem but don’t really solve it. Or who take care of all the bugs that you can see, only to have them return in a couple of weeks when the exterminator is safely back in their office with your money.

You never have to worry about any of that with Spectrum Pest Control. Our Pest-Free Pledge means that if your pests come back a couple weeks after we leave, we will come right back and finish the job. Don’t count on that happening, though — we are extremely thorough. We also back our claims with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, so you can sit back and relax knowing that when we say we are going to take care of your pest problem, we mean it.


Protect Your Home or Business From Unwanted Pests Now

If you are struggling with a pest problem and have been putting off dealing with it, there’s no time to waste. For the sake of your family or the customers in your business, the time to act is now. As a Pittsburgh pest control company, we make it easy. We offer a fair and accurate estimate of your pest control treatment up front so you can make sure it fits into your budget before we start any work. Our money-back guarantees mean there is no risk to you.

Find out what so many others in western Pennsylvania already know when it comes to pest control. Spectrum Pest Control can make sure your pests in Coraopolis disappear and stay gone. 


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