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Do you have a bug problem in the Irwin area? At Spectrum Pest Control, you are our number one priority. Our focus is on providing our customers with year-round protection against all types of pests throughout every season.

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Pest Control in Irwin

To fully protect your home all year long, we have created our annual 3-Step Pest Control Program. Different insects and pests may show themselves at different times of the year in Irwin, and we want you to be safe from all of them. Here’s how it works:

  • First We Inspect: We don’t just charge in, spray some chemicals around, and then leave. Our treatment is down to a science, and that starts with a thorough inspection. We inspect your entire home, inside and out, looking for places that pests commonly hide and spots they may be using to get into your home, such as holes or cracks in your walls.
  • Then, We Control: Once we’ve located your critters, we deal with them. Our technicians are trained on the most up-to-date methods of pest control and have all the tools and solutions they need to fully eradicate any of the common vermin you may find in Irwin homes.
  • Finally, We Plan: If you know anything about pests, you know that they don’t give up easily. If you don’t take the right measures, they will come back. We will close up all the areas outside your home that pests may use to get in, making sure they are fully sealed, and making plans to refresh your protections each season so pests don’t return.

We proudly serve many areas of western Pennsylvania and are always happy for the opportunity to help. Not only do we service Irwin, but we also offer pest control in Murrysville and Greensburg. We want you to be confident that you are choosing a pest control company that is part of the community and understands your needs as an Irwin homeowner or business owner.


Why Choose Spectrum Pest Control for Your Exterminator?

Spectrum Pest Control has been the popular choice for getting rid of earwigs, ticks, spiders, ants, roaches, mice, and other critters throughout western Pennsylvania for years because of our reliability, trustworthiness, and commitment to customer service. These values are reflected in everything we do:

  • Reliable, On-Time Service: When you notice critters in your home, you don’t want to wait around. You want the infestation gone pronto, and when you take the time to have your house treated for pests, you want it to be fast. The truth is, you don’t even need to be around for most of our work because most of it takes place outside your home. When we do ask you to be around, you can be sure we will show up when we say we will.
  • Locally Owned and Operated: We are a local Western Pennsylvania with multiple locally-owned service locations throughout the state. When you hire us, you are getting exterminators who know Irwin, not random employees from a big national chain. We know the issues local homes and businesses tend to face when it comes to infestations. We believe in contributing to the community, and working with us helps the local economy.
  • Guarantees You Can Rely On: We’re sure that you are going to be happy with our service, but we still gladly put your mind at ease with our Pest-Free Pledge and Money-Back Guarantee. That means you can be sure that when we come to get rid of your pests, they will be gone. And if they come back, we’ll come back. If we don’t do the job we promise to do, you’ll get 100 percent of your money back, guaranteed.

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