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Stephanie R.

“Brad was really helpful and informative and took his time explaining exactly what he was doing. We have a small ant problem and he inspected the area very thoroughly and found exactly where the ants had been living.”
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FAQs About Exterminators & Pests

Are re-treatments included?

Yes, as long as the account is current and the service schedule is uninterrupted, re-treatments for covered pest problems are done at no charge. See the service agreement for covered pests and other problems.

Why is Year-round Control the Smart Option?

Pests just don’t go away during the cooler months. In fact, it is during colder times of the year that pests seek shelter and food. While pests are a viable part of our ecosystem, they can cause significant structural damage to your home and pose health threats to your family and pets.

Why was I charged full price when only the outside service was done?

The amount of money you pay per service is for a pest management program. We build a preventative barrier around the outside of your home to keep the pests from coming in. If you are having a problem inside we can come out and do the inside

Why do we not call to schedule the spray? Why don’t we just wait for the customer to call and schedule their service?

You may call us on your scheduled month and let us know when you would prefer service if you like. If we do not hear from you we place you onto an optimized schedule and an exterior spray will be performed.

We do this because this system is designed to be exterior only and as non-invasive into your life as possible. The chemical we’re using outside is hands down the best insecticide available on the market today and is more than enough to keep any problems you’re having at bay. Also, something to keep in mind is not that the chemical is harmful, but if you’re not experiencing an issue inside there is absolutely no reason to put it in your living area. On the off chance that a problem should arise, you ALWAYS have the option to call us and we will schedule a treatment for your interior.

Why did we do an exterior treatment in the winter when there are no pests outside?

The winter service is designed to protect your home from interior pests and ensure that pests have not penetrated our barrier. Insects are just like any other living creature, they want to survive in the colder months, they will gravitate towards warm shelter. Your home will have a barrier up that will prevent them from entering.

Why can’t I wait until next month to take my service?

The key to pest control is consistency We need to keep you on a consistent schedule in order to keep the barrier up and maintain the pest management around your home.

Do we need to come in and do a treatment on the inside?

We recommend on the initial treatment to have your full interior and exterior treated, after your initial treatment there should be no reason you’d need an interior treatment as the chemical used on the exterior is more than enough to keep any problems you’re having at bay.

Why wasn’t my quarterly treatment done exactly 3 months apart?

Sometimes when the schedule is made customers that were done at the end of their last quarter will generate at the beginning of their next quarter. This may seem like you’re getting treated more than you should, but rest assured you will only receive 4 treatments per year.