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    Protected Your Loved Ones From Stinging Insects Today

    Nothing ruins outdoor fun faster than when that droning buzz sound hits your ears. Suddenly your self-preservation instincts kick in, and you’re on high alert for risk of a painful sting. You shouldn’t have to live on high alert in your own home or yard. That’s why Spectrum provides reliable, thorough removal of common stinging insects.

    Stinging Insect Control in Pittsburgh

    It’s dangerous to approach wasp nests or bee hives on your own. DIY treatments often don’t exterminate the entire colony and create recurring issues, including splitting colonies of wasps into multiple nests. For your safety, its important to trust professionals with stinging insect control. Call our 24-hour phone line when you spot a nest, and you can expect:
    • Complete inspection so we don’t miss a nest.
    • Bee and wasp removal that exterminates existing pests.
    • Nest removal so that pests aren’t tempted to move in.
    • Treatment of problem areas to keep stinging insects out in the future.
    • Same-day service when you call before noon.

    Wasp Removal in Pittsburgh

    There are dozens of varieties of wasps, including a few that are important to the world’s ecosystem as pollinators. However, the wasps that can get into your home, yard, or business are usually too close for comfort. Some wasps are solitary and nest on their own in holes in the ground. Other kinds of wasps, classified as social wasps, stick together in swarms that are usually the first sign of a nest nearby, the same way that bees live in large colonies.

    Have you ever noticed an insect nest that looks like a large crumpled newspaper? That’s because wood pulp is wasps’ favorite nest material. Wasps use common materials like wood and cardboard to create the fibers that make up their nests.

    No matter how clean you keep your home and yard, stinging insects will pick any sturdy spot near these woody materials to make their nests, from branches to under our porches, nearby eaves, awnings, or gutters. Our Pittsburgh wasp exterminators start by targeting and removing these nests to keep you and your family safe from stings.

    Commercial Pest Control

    We understand that the last thing you need is wasps and bees at work. That’s why here at Spectrum, we offer the same quality stinging insect control for your business as we do for your home. Let us take care of wasp removal so that you can keep business going without any interruptions, sting-free.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Wasps and bees can be a nuisance when they nest too close to your home, yard, or office. Trying to handle stinging insects on your own is a dangerous pursuit that can create more problems than it solves. So when you notice a nest, call us so that our experienced exterminators can get the job done, as they have for over 30 years.

    In fact, we’re so confident in our service that we offer a full money-back guarantee if your stinging insect problem comes back. Our phone lines are open 24-7 so that you can get wasp and bee removal as soon as you need it. Call us today for a free quote!

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