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Exterminators in Fox Capel

Your home in Fox Chapel is for you and your family — not for roaches, earwigs, mice, and other pests that populate Pennsylvania and love to invade people’s homes. Spectrum Pest Control understands this, which is why we offer our Spectrum Ultimate Care Program to residents of Fox Chapel and other areas throughout western Pennsylvania.

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My initial consultation call was courteous and the information explained clearly. Josh came to the house and was also courteous and professional, but he's also a delightful person.

Pest Control in Fox Chapel

Spectrum Pest Control is not your ordinary exterminator in Fox Chapel. We bring two decades of experience, some of the most sophisticated pest control technology, and highly trained pest control professionals that we carefully select in order to make sure your pest problem is eliminated and stays eliminated for good.

We offer a minimally invasive yet highly effective pest control procedure that largely takes place outside of your home, where pests first enter. By dealing with the problem at the source, we make the chance of future infestations much less likely. This also allows us to perform our duties with minimal disruption to your daily activities.

As a locally owned and operated company, we want you to know that you can rely on us to understand your pest control needs in Fox Chapel. All of our branches are operated by local merchants, not by people sent here from some giant national corporation. By using Spectrum Pest Control, not only are you helping your local economy, but you are also engaging the services of a company that is working to help the community, and knows exactly the kinds of pests Fox Chapel residents face, how they get into your home, and what to do about them.

We offer a comprehensive annual pest control program that involves inspecting your home, sealing your home from pest infestation, and returning periodically to protect you from seasonal vermin. Our Pest-Free Pledge means if the bugs come back, so do we, right away, at no charge. Our 100 percent money-back guarantee lets you know that if we don’t do the job, you don’t pay. We know that we can make your home pest-free and we’re willing to back that up.


Make Pest Problems a Thing of the Past With Spectrum Pest Control

If you’ve been disappointed by pest control companies in the past, you haven’t tried Spectrum Pest Control. The sooner you call us, the sooner your pest infestation worries will be over. Ants, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, mice — we’ve seen them and eliminated them all and more. Our services are great for clearing pests from businesses as well.

We’re ready to start right now. Contact us for our Speedy Fast Quote, a quick estimate that lets you know exactly what to expect with respect to the cost of our services for your peace of mind before we get started. As soon as you approve the quote, we can get to work. 



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