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By concentrating our efforts outside the home, we reduce the need for applications inside. That "perimeter of protection" provides an invisible "barrier";helping seal out pests

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Commercial Service

Whether it's controlling cockroaches, ants, beetles, rodents or flying insects, our pest elimination program is customized to target infestations unique to your business.

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Stink Bug Service

Stink Bugs have started to become a really big problem in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Fall is when the biggest problems with the pests will occur.

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Best Pest Control Pittsburgh with Spectrum Pest Control


When it comes to pest control Pittsburgh, you want to trust your family’s safety to the best in the business, which is why Spectrum Pest Control should be your first call.

Ridding your home of any infestation is a delicate business, and you need to be sure the pest control products used in your home are not only effective for the extermination, but also safe for your pets, children and family. The home pest control experts at Spectrum can ensure your safety and peace of mind, while ridding your home of any infestation.

Offering Affordable Pest Control Pittsburgh

Spectrum Pest Control addresses all sorts of insect infestations all year round, working with the specifics of your own situation, schedule, and home.

Service feature include

• All pesticides are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for safe use in homes.

• The price of Spectrum Pest Control Pittsburgh services includes not only the initial extermination but also follow up re treatments.

• You can engage Spectrum’s services without being constrained by any long-term contract or commitment.

• Services include not only the use of pesticides to eradicate the current infestation, but also the implementation of a complete pest management program, including barriers to
prevent a future influx of pests from outside the home and treatment of “interception points” (such as garage thresholds or siding) where pests may be entering your home.

Pest Control Pittsburgh–Less is not the BEST

Unlike other Pest control companies, Spectrum Pest Control Pittsburgh recognizes the seasonal patterns of pest behavior, and addresses the specific behavioral patterns of pests at
different times of year. During the winter, pests tend to come indoors wherever they can, and tend to harbor in homes if the interception points aren’t blocked and treated.

Areas like windows, door thresholds, wall voids, garages, and pipe chases are particularly vulnerable to being breached by pets, and should be treated in winter when pests are most
likely to be attracted to the sheltered conditions of a home. Spring treatments focus on potential breeding areas, and summer is a time when nests and burrows should be sought out and

Fall treatments focus on entry points where rodents and other pests have breached the home in the past, and treatment at any time of year will also address moisture and insulation
issues, which can contribute to pest problems. Unlike the pest control companies which take a one-treatment-fits-all-seasons approach, Spectrum Pest Control Pittsburgh treats a home more
efficiently and effectively.

Hiring a cheap or amateur exterminator, you’d be likely to experience the pitfalls of trying to cut corners on cost, which include

• A low quality exterminator might not address the issue of entry points where pests get into the home, or offer a comprehensive program for addressing the actual influx of pests.

• Spraying for existing pests is only a temporary solution if a control program isn’t put in place to prevent future incursions.

• A low quality exterminator might not make the effort to use the least-toxic pesticide, resulting in unhealthy exposure for your pets, children, and family members.

How We Make the Difference

For any given pest problem, Spectrum Pest Control Pittsburgh uses the most specific targeting pesticides, and in each case uses the least toxic product appropriate for the job at

The priority of your family’s safety and well-being will never be sacrificed in deference to price, and you’ll find that the cost of a safe and effective extermination is far more
beneficial–and even cost-effective–than paying repeatedly for a cheaper service which doesn’t get the job done.

Unlike the cheap and amateur exterminators, Spectrum Pest Control Pittsburgh can promise the following service benefits:

• Professional staff with more than a decade of experience.

• Full home inspection and comprehensive prevention plan.

• Least toxic pesticides for the specific pests causing problems.

• Accessibility and quick response time.

Call any time to (412) 532-1380, or send your specifics using the easy interactive form below. Spectrum Pest Control Pittsburgh is at your service 24X7 to keep your home pest-free.

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