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What To Do When You See Bees In Or Around Your Home

While there has been much information lately about the value of our bees as necessary pollinators, chances are that you would prefer that these stinging insects weren’t in your home or active right outside your house. The only way to eliminate bees from your home is to remove their hive or nest. Since this can be difficult and challenging for larger hives or nests, removing them should be left to a Pittsburgh bee control professional.

how to get rid of bees

Identifying Different Types of Bee

Identification is key when it comes to stinging insect control. Often mistaken for each other, their elimination can be quite different in comparison. Different stinging species have differing traits and social habits. Many stinging insects are highly social and live in large colonies and hives. Most will build their nests in or around homes and buildings or in local vegetation. But some build their nests underground. Knowing your bee and their habits make you better equipped to understand their behavior and less likely to be stung.

In the Pittsburgh area, we predominantly deal with honey bees, carpenter bees, and bumble bees in addition to wasps, yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets.

  • Honey bees like protection and will often find cavities in walls to nest.
  • Bumblebees will not typically nest in cavities but will find nesting materials like insulation.
  • Hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets build nests that look like paper in cavities, ground holes, or protected areas around the home.

Your Pittsburgh bee control professional will be able to correctly identify and deal with your insect infestation appropriately.

Bees usually become more active in the spring coinciding with the flowering of local plants. During the warm months, they will often build nests around homes and even inside attics. Honey bees can produce huge hives weighing in at hundreds of pounds. It’s important to be proactive and locate and seal any cracks that may be entrance points in order to keep them from nesting inside the house. They will remain very active through the summer months and well into the fall until the cooler autumn weather and shortening days signal them to prepare for winter. Some species even relocate during the year.

Honey Bees

Honey bees are a protected species, immensely important pollinators, and quickly disappearing from the environment. The goal is to preserve them whenever possible. Contacting a local beekeeper is a perfect way to move the hive to another place without extermination. Some Pittsburgh bee control professionals partner with local beekeepers for this reason. A honey bee swarm can be fascinating to watch. Appearing as a dense mass of bees spinning through the air, they are merely looking for a new home. Oftentimes this dense cluster will rest while scout bees move on to find nesting places. Honey bees are not naturally aggressive but will sting if they feel threatened.
When you are noticing bees or other stinging insects around or in your Pittsburgh home, it is important to take caution or call for professional bee control. Professionals have the appropriate equipment and experience to handle stinging insects and their nests. Call Spectrum Pest Control, Inc. to get professional and skillful pest removal.

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