What Caused The Pittsburgh Bed Bug Epidemic?

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That’s an excellent question, and unfortunately, there are probably 500 different answers all of which are correct in their own way.  In my professional opinion a lot of it, rather, most of it has to do with folks traveling. Whether that be to an exotic destination, going to a relative’s house, or having guests over for the holidays, this can lead to your home being infested with bed bugs.

The reason it gets out of control so quickly is because what ends up happening, especially in Pittsburgh and even other densely populated areas, is people have no idea that they’ve picked something up and they continue on with their day-to-day lives.  Going to work, picking kids up from daycare and/or school, sleeping at a friend’s house, even brushing up against someone on the sidewalk. The list goes on and on and really never stops, now obviously not everyone you’ve come in contact with is taking these home but assume even just a few of them did… and here we go again, they have no idea they’ve picked anything up either and the cycle continues and continues until its spiraled out of control.

They’re known as hitchhikers for a reason, and the paragraph above shows why.  They get from point A to point B almost always completely unnoticed and they will continue on and on to make sure they can survive, another point to bring home is public transportation. Densely populated areas of course will come with public transit… Uber, Lyft, public busses, these are all potential hot spots to pick something up you have to be careful. Just the other day I watched a video about a bus that was absolutely crawling with bedbugs, and people just sit down like it was the norm. This is why these things spread, and what will make it almost impossible to get ahead is that it’s a group effort between professional companies and the folks dealing with the problem as a whole. If we all worked together, we could minimize the problem significantly.

Professional Bed Bug Treatment

If you find yourself with a bed bug problem in Pittsburgh or any of the surrounding areas please do not drag your feet about getting the problem taken care of or treated, because it can spiral out of control rather quickly and you’ll end up with a lot of sleepless nights. Spectrum Pest Control offers the most comprehensive bed bug services at fair prices, please call us at 412-532-1380.