Sugar Ants: A Not So Sweet Pest

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Sugar ants are pests found in many suburban areas such as Rochester, PA. As their names implies, these species of ants are attracted to sweet and sugary food. Though they usually reside in forests and wooded areas, it doesn’t mean they can’t find their way into a home. This can prove especially true if the home is near these wooded areas. They can invade the home to forage for food and can also be a nuisance to get rid of.

What do sugar ants look like?

Male and female sugar ants look different from each other. Male, winged sugar ants will be completely black. Female workers instead of being black; will be orange and wingless. They can grow up to 15 mm in length.

Are sugar ant bites dangerous?

These ants are generally not aggressive but may defend themselves and bite. The bites are not painful and do not leave any marks on most people, unless the person is allergic. If any symptoms occur, it could be a sign of an allergic reaction and should be addressed by a medical professional.

What do sugar ants eat and where do they live?

Sugar ants particularly prefer to feed on sugary substances such as nectar, the honeydew from aphids, and sugary foods. If they happen to find a reliable food source within a home, they will make their way constantly into the home and quickly become a nuisance.
These insects prefer to forage during the warmer and humid months, making them more prone to infest homes during the late spring and early summer. Sugar ants build their nests in the soil and the entrances can easily be found since the build large dirt hills near the entrance of the nest.

What to do if there is an infestation?

If you know how to remove ants, you know it’s a difficult process. Once it’s determined that there are sugar ants invading a home, it’s best to do a thorough cleaning of the home. Anything that is opened and unsealed should be properly put away, spills and stains should be cleaned off the floor, and any other crumbs or traces of food should be wiped away and discarded. Once these steps have been taken and there are still sugar ants coming into the home, it is now time to call the exterminator. Local ant control companies in Pittsburgh such as Spectrum Pest Control will have the extensive knowledge to locate where these sugar ants are coming from and will have the proper and necessary tools to remove and eliminate these ants from the home. They will also have the proper tools to serve the homeowner to prevent another infestation from occurring.