How To Get Rid of the Stink Bug Smell

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If you’ve ever smashed one beneath a rolled magazine then you’ve likely taken a big whiff of the foul odor they give off. Even with the stink bug scooped into the trash, you’ll find that once that unpleasant smell has been released, it’s difficult to remove, but with the right tools, you can effectively get rid of the odor lingering in your home.

How to Get Rid of Stink Bug Smell From Your House and Hands

If you’ve ever gone head-to-head with a stink bug in your home, you’ll find that once the foul smell has been released, it lingers throughout the space and can be hard to remove.

Here’s how to get rid of the stink bug smell:​

Use odor eliminators

For smells stuck inside your home, the best way to remove the stink is to overpower it. Create your own strong odor eliminator product by soaking a cotton ball in lemon or peppermint extract. Place the damp cotton ball into a glass lidded jar with holes drilled into the top. Freshly ground coffee works, too.

Air out the room 

Let fresh air replace the stale, smelly air in your home — open as many windows as you can and create a fresh cross breeze. To deodorize your furnishings, create a mixture using hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and mild dish soap.

Scrub the affected surfaces

If you’ve made the mistake of squashing the stink bug with your hand, the best way to remove the smell is by scrubbing the area repeatedly. First, dab some toothpaste on your fingers and rub them quickly then wash in warm water. If that doesn’t help, pour lemon juice and a bit of warm water into a bowl and let your fingers soak for at least one full minute.

Why Do Stink Bugs Smell?

Stink bugs release an unpleasant odor when they are disturbed or feel stressed or threatened. The smell stink bugs emit is actually a chemical that is released from the bug’s abdominal glands — some different kinds of stink bugs can spray this chemical several inches from their bodies.

Stink bug odor

The odor from a stink bug has been described in a few different ways. Some claim that it smells like a skunk emission while others compare it to burnt tires or cilantro. Stink bug smells have also been described as having a musty, woody, or earthy aroma. Many can’t deny that the smell stink bugs produce an unwelcoming smell. What you detect in the odor largely depends on your perceptions and the stink bug species.

How long does stink bug smell last?

The smell from a stink bug can last up to 3 hours. However, it may last a shorter time if you’re able to use odor eliminators or air out the affected area. Either way, you’ll be dealing with the smell for longer than you’d like so be sure to avoid threatening them in any way.

Why Can’t I Smell a Stink Bug?

Is there a way to remove a stink bug without setting off its smelly glands? If you’re a lucky individual who has just encountered a stink bug, but can’t smell any off-putting odors, then you’ve likely run across it during the wintertime when the insect is hibernating. While taking shelter from the harsh winter cold, stink bugs aren’t actively seeking nutrients and may not be able to produce such a pungent odor. Another cause could be that the insect isn’t a stink bug — insects that are often mistaken for a brown marmorated stink bug are the squash bug and seed bug.

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