What Do Yellow Jackets Look Like?

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Sometimes they are also misidentified as hornets as well, however it should be noted that these two are not the same and should not be interchanged. Yellow jackets are considered social wasps and will live in a colony with hundreds to thousands of other yellow jackets at a time. These insects can be found all over the country, even urban cities such as Youngstown, OH.

What do yellow jackets look like?

These insects known scientifically as Vespula earned their name from their coloring. As their name implies, this insect has a black and yellow body. They can grow up to 16 mm in length and have a pair of wings that are the same length as their body. While many people confuse yellow jackets with bees, these insects have a thinner waist and do not have thick “fuzz” like hair that surrounds their body.

Do yellow jackets sting?

Yes, yellow jackets do sting. While they are not quick to attack, they will not hesitate to defend themselves if they feel threatened. The stinger of a yellow jacket is considered more painful than those of a honey bee. They can sting repeatedly. The venom imparted when stung is technically not life threatening to the average human being. However, people who have an allergic reaction to stings in general should seek immediate medical attention if they are stung by a yellow jacket. Multiple stings can cause severe allergic reactions and should be addressed by a medical professional.

How to tell if there is an infestation

Generally a homeowner will see workers flying about near or in the home. It is also possible to find the actual yellow jacket nest. Depending on where they decide to create their colony, yellow jacket nests can be found on the ground or in the air. Once there is a confirmation of a yellow jacket nest or worker insects, it’s time to contact the professionals. Due to the fact these insects can be harmful when threatened, it’s best to leave the extermination and removal of these insects to a professional exterminator. Contacting a local pest company such as Spectrum Control is a guaranteed and safe way for the homeowner to get all his needs serviced. A yellow jacket infestation should not have the homeowner feel unwelcomed in his home. Instead, leave it to the professional to get rid of this unwan