What do Fleas Look Like?

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Homeowners who own pets are at risk of having a flea infestation in their homes. Oftentimes, it’s easy to find and identify a flea infestation, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy to get rid of. Fleas are parasites that do not discriminate and can be found all over the country and world. They can live in dry places such as Las Vegas, NV to colder regions such as Indiana, PA. Unless the infestation is resolved from the original or root source, homeowners will find this insect infestation hard to remove.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas can be one of the hardest pests to get rid of. Spectrum Pest Control has its hands full with hundreds of calls from Pittsburgh, PA. Their eggs are almost impermeable to any insecticide. They will multiply so fast, you may not know what happened. Fleas are one of the most obnoxious parasites in the United States. They are wingless insects that seem to withstand almost anything short of squashing them. Fleas are very hard to get rid of once they have taken hold, however flea exterminators in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can help you remove them from your house quickly.

What Fleas Look Like

Full-grown fleas grow to about 2.5 mm with thin and flat bodies. They range in color, going from red-brown to brown. Fleas are wingless but have six long legs. With these legs, they have the ability to jump very wide and high distances. This jumping allows them to move from food source to food source. Their flat bodies are covered in microscopic hair. This allows them to become attached to their host.

Flea Life Cycle

The life cycle of a normal flea is in four stages. First, they develop from eggs into larvae; the larva will then develop into a pupa. They will emerge from the pupa as adult fleas and must find a blood meal quickly. The female will normally lay twenty or so eggs on the host for hatching. These eggs are not attached to anything, so they are easily transferred to other objects the host is in contact with. The flea eggs can hatch anywhere from two days to two weeks, depending on the circumstances of the host. The larva will emerge looking for food to eat. This will normally consist of dead insects, feces, or vegetable matter for food. They are blind and will stay in dark areas until further developed.

Does Your Pet Have Fleas?

Pets will start to behave differently if they do have fleas on them. Many will continually scratch a certain part of their body or groom constantly. Their skin is red and raw and they may lose excessive fur. Upon closer inspection, pet owners can see fleas moving about their pet’s body. Sometimes a flea’s body can be mistaken for a seed. Also, black and red droppings can be found on the pet’s skin, another indication there is flea activity. Once it has been determined a pet has fleas, the homeowner will need to take the necessary precautions and steps to eradicate the fleas from their pet and their home.

Do Fleas Bite Humans?

While fleas will feast on an animal, it doesn’t mean they will not bite humans. Flea bites are pretty distinguishable. They look similar to mosquito bites but do have some varying features. These bites appear to have a ring around the bite site and usually come in groups of three to four bites, usually lined up in a row.

What To Do With A Flea Infestation

Besides taking a pet to the vet to get medication to eliminate fleas, it is also important to take some steps to remove them from the home as well. Cleaning and vacuuming are some good first steps, but it is also important to find a local pest control company in Butler such as Spectrum Pest Control to fully eradicate any sign of fleas from the home. While adult fleas are easy to find, larvae are not. Only with the keen eye and experience of an exterminator can eliminate this parasite and future potential infestations from the home.