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Ultimate Care

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About Ultimate Care

Ultimate Care Protects Your Home Against: Ants, Crickets, Earwigs, Fleas, Flies, Roaches, Silverfish, Spiders, and Ticks

Your Complete Pest Control Solution

Spectrum Pest Control’s Ultimate Care pest control package will eliminate all current infestations and protect your home against a variety of household pests for the long haul. With our highly effective, yet family-friendly treatments, we’ll create a pest barrier around your home that will provide year-round protection against the most common pests in the Western Pennsylvania area. With over 20 years of experience eliminating pests, there’s no one you can trust more to protect your home than our team of experienced pest experts.

About Spectrum Pest Control:

20+ Years of Experience
Same-Day Service
24-Hour Phone Lines
Money-Back Guarantee

Helpful Information

Helpful information about the pests you're dealing with and the best methods for controlling them.

We Have the Right Plan

For Your Family and Home

Ultimate Care

Starting at $33/month!

*Initial Fee Applies

Get $25 off Initial Fee

Features of Ultimate Care:

50+ Pests Covered
Quarterly Treatments
Same Day Service
Unlimited Service Calls

Call 724-285-1950

For Our Super Fast

Same Day Service


Starting at $220

If you are not interested in purchasing a recurring pest control program for long-term relief, Spectrum Pest Control is happy to provide one-time services as well. 

Call 724-285-1950

For One-Time Services!


So glad we found Spectrum Pest Control!!! We had Bill come out and he was amazing. He showed up early and walked me through the process before he started.

How Does Ultimate Care Work?

 Our Ultimate Care package eliminates and protects your home against the most common household pests in Western Pennsylvania. Starting at just $33/month, we will provide recurring service to ensure pest infestations don’t return. Here’s what you’ll receive:

animated house with a red pest control border surrounding it
Initial Inspection:
During the initial visit to your home, our exterminators will carefully inspect your home’s interior and exterior, identifying common entry and exit points for pests, as well as their breeding grounds.
Initial Treatment:
We will treat every square inch as necessary to eliminate the existing infestation, including spider webs, drains in kitchens & bathrooms, door and window thresholds, attic and crawl space, and more.
Quarterly Treatments:
Once your home is initially treated, our exterminators will create a preventative pest barrier around your home through just 3-4 intermittent, non-invasive treatments each year.
Unlimited Service Calls:
While we only treat your home once a quarter, they should be strong enough to keep pests away for months at a time. Should you have pest problems in between, we are happy to offer unlimited service calls and re-treatments!

Learn More About Ultimate Care

Our Ultimate Care pest control package is designed to protect your home from 50+ of the most common pests in Western Pennsylvania. We provide a free initial inspection so we can get an idea of the infestation and then offer custom treatment plans to give you the most effective solution. Our quarterly treatments and year-round coverage then provide you with long-term protection that lasts.

How soon can we treat your home?

A pest infestation has the potential to get out of control very quickly. When you spot the signs, you need someone out to your house as soon as possible. We’re able to offer same-day service so you don’t have to wait for help!


Is the Ultimate Care package affordable?

We believe it is! Our goal is to provide services to as many homeowners as possible. Starting at $33/month, we aim to give you the best possible pest control at a reasonable price. We also have special offers that make our packages more affordable.  

Add rodent protection to your package

Not only can we protect your home from 50+ common pests in Western Pennsylvania with the Ultimate Care package, but we can also protect your property from rodents! Upgrade to our Ultimate Care Rodent package and get increased coverage. 

Our Guarantee

Should pests persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you!

start protecting your home and family today!

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