The Ideal Time And Method To Remove The Nest Of A Paper Wasp

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They have derived this name because they build nests with some plant material and saliva which seems to be made of paper. Their bodies are narrow, of dark brown shade with yellow markings on their black wings. They measure between 2 and 3.5 cm.

How do these creatures get into our surroundings?

They have a tendency to build their nests in close proximity of human beings. You will generally find these nests at the entrance of your home, at the deck or porch. Sometimes you can also locate it in the basement, attic, shutters, eaves and other areas of high traffic. If you find a wasp nest in an area that is difficult to access, call a professional Wexford pest control expert.

How to remove the nest of the paper wasps

The process of removing the nest of the paper wasp is quite dangerous. Don’t ever try to destroy the nest during day time as the wasps are most active at that time. Wait till evening when they have settled down and you can destroy it at night.

If you spot a nest in the initial stage when the queen has just began to build it then you can knock it down anytime. But a matured nest should be treated with pesticides. While doing the same you should put on protective clothing to avoid the bee stings and then dispose it properly in a sealed bag, or contact an exterminator.

Pest control measures to deal with the same

The most safe and effective way to eradicate the nest of a paper wasp is by using a commercial spray which is especially designed for wasps and hornets. While using it make sure that you spray from a safe distance.

Though most people are scared of nests of paper wasps, but the reality is it can be removed very easily. Just make sure that you are removing it at the night time and using proper pesticides and safe equipment. If you find the paper wasps are an issue, contact a professional pest control company in Wexford to remove all trace of the insect or its home.