If You Kill a Stink Bug Will It Attract More?

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Does Killing Stink Bugs Attract More?

No, killing a stink bug will not attract more to your home. However, there are multiple other things that could be attracting these pests.

What Attracts Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs are attracted to:


Sting bugs, like many bugs, are attracted to lights and will gravitate towards them when possible. If you want to keep these bugs to a minimum around your home we recommend dimming your lights at night or turning them off completely.


Stink bugs — like any other creature — want a warm, well-lit, and inviting place to settle down. In the fall as the temperatures begin to cool, stink bugs start to look for a warm and controlled environment to overwinter, and inside your home’s walls and attic spaces is the ideal spot. At this time, while the bugs are finding warm shelter for their hibernation, they may begin excreting an aggregation pheromone that attracts others.


Another reason you may find an influx of stink bugs in and around your home is if you have a lot of fruits and other sweet treats. Stink bugs enjoy feeding on ripe fruits, and if you keep fruits in your outdoor garden, you may find them starting to congregate in the area. Also, be aware that stink bugs also feed on ornamental trees, shrubs, vines, and weeds.

How to Kill a Stink Bug Without Attracting More

Though the actual smell of a stink bug will not attract more of the species, it isn’t a pleasant smell to have around your home. While your natural reaction is just to squash stink bugs as you see them, you may find that doing so releases that strong, unpleasant smell. To effectively kill stink bugs without letting off an odor, try these methods:

  • Place jars of soapy water throughout your home and trapping or drowning the bugs.
  • Spray the stink bugs as you see them with sudsy water.
  • Apply traditional pesticides around the perimeter and openings of your house.
  • Kill the bugs by spraying them with commonly found household items like sticky hairspray, bleach or ammonia, hot sauce or white vinegar.
  • Remove the stink bugs by vacuuming them up and disposing of the bag.

Prevent Stink Bugs From Getting Into Your Home

Getting rid of stink bugs mainly takes preventative home maintenance tasks around your home and eliminating those areas where stink bugs love to thrive. Stink bugs mainly get into your house through small openings around windows and doors — to prevent stink bugs from infesting your property, try performing these tasks:

  • Make sure a fresh application of caulk is applied inside and outside of your windows.
  • Check that all exterior doorways have new weatherstripping.
  • Keep all debris and vegetation raked away from the foundation of your home.
  • Regularly check your foundation for cracks and damages and seal up any exposed areas.
  • Install screens on all vent and fireplace openings or fill open spaces with steel wool.
  • If you find stink bugs are a growing problem in your neighborhood, hire a professional pest management company to treat the vegetation on your property.

Get Rid of Stink Bugs in Your Home With Help From Spectrum Pest Control

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