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“Brad was really helpful and informative and took his time explaining exactly what he was doing. We have a small ant problem and he inspected the area very thoroughly and found exactly where the ants had been living.”
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    Save $75 on Guaranteed Bed Bug Treatment in Allison Park PA

    Nestled amidst the lush greenery and picturesque landscapes of Allison Park, PA, lies an unseen challenge affecting many of our beloved homes and businesses – bed bugs. These tiny invaders don’t discriminate, infesting spaces from historical landmarks to modern homes. But there’s hope. Spectrum Pest Control, a local, family-owned company with over 35 years of experience, is your trusted partner in fighting these pests. Rated 4.9 stars with over 275 glowing reviews, we’re not just another company; we’re your neighbors dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind.

    Allison Park isn’t just where we work; it’s where we live. From the serene Hartwood Acres Park to the bustling community events, we’re committed to preserving the beauty and comfort of our hometown. Our services extend beyond Allison Park, reaching communities within a 40-mile radius, including Cranberry Twp, Sewickley, Washington, Butler, and Pittsburgh.

    Welcome to Spectrum Pest Control: Your Solution for Bed Bug Treatment in Allison Park PA

    Bed Bug Treatment in Murrysville PA

    Understanding Bed Bugs in Allison Park

    Bed bugs are more than a nuisance; they’re a growing concern in areas like Allison Park. Known for their stealthy behavior, these pests can cause discomfort and distress. As the leading provider for “bed bug treatment in Allison Park PA,” Spectrum Pest Control combines local knowledge with expert techniques to effectively tackle these infestations.

    Same-Day Bed Bug Treatment in Seven Fields PA

    For rapid and effective bed bug treatment, prompt action is crucial. Spectrum Pest Control understands this urgency. If you call us before noon, we offer same-day service to tackle your bed bug issues immediately. Don’t wait if you spot signs of bed bugs in your home; our 24-hour phone line is always ready to assist you. A pest control company that delays is not an option when dealing with fast-spreading pests like bed bugs. Trust Spectrum Pest Control for timely and efficient service.

    Our Three-Stage Bed Bug Treatment in Allison Park PA: A Comprehensive Approach

    1) Deep Extraction with HEPA Vacuum: Our first line of defense involves using a HEPA vacuum to remove as many live bed bugs as possible. This step is crucial in decreasing the population right at the onset of treatment.

    2) Pin Point Heat Treatment: We employ a targeted heat treatment that eradicates live bed bugs and their eggs. By focusing the heat precisely, we avoid damaging sensitive areas like electronics.

    3) Chemical Application with Aprehend: The final stage involves applying Aprehend, a revolutionary biologic insecticide developed by Penn State University. Safe, effective, and environmentally friendly, this treatment ensures that any remaining bed bugs are eliminated.

    Why Treatment Frequency Matters

    Bed bugs have a unique life cycle, making it essential to repeat treatments. We conduct three full treatments over a six-week period, targeting every stage of their life cycle to ensure thorough eradication.

    A Full-Service Pest Control Solution

    Spectrum Pest Control offers comprehensive services:

    • Ant Control
    • Rodent Control
    • Bee Control
    • Mosquito and Tick Control

    We pride ourselves on punctuality and reliability. When we commit to a time, we stick to it – because your time is as valuable as ours.

    Safety First: Child and Pet-Friendly Solutions

    Every treatment we use is designed with your family’s safety in mind. Our products are effective against pests but safe for children and pets, with little to no residual odor.

    A Special Offer for You

    To show our commitment, we’re offering $75 off any bed bug treatment. Don’t let bed bugs disrupt your life – take action now.

    Don't Wait Until It's Too Late. Get a Bed Bug Treatment in Allison Park PA Today!

    Bed bugs spread rapidly, turning a small problem into a large infestation quickly. Delaying treatment can lead to bigger issues. Contact Spectrum Pest Control today at 412-532-1380 or visit our website www.spectrumpestcontrolinc.com. Our expert team is ready to provide a fast, effective solution, ensuring your home or business in Allison Park, PA, is bed bug-free.

    About Spectrum Pest Control: A Tradition of Trust

    For over three decades, Spectrum Pest Control has been more than just a service provider; we’re part of the community. We understand the local environment, enabling us to provide tailored solutions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service is unwavering. We’re not just another pest control company; we’re your neighbors, here to help you live without the worry of pests.

    Choose Knowledge, Choose Spectrum Pest Control

    Understanding the enemy is half the battle won. By choosing Spectrum Pest Control, you’re choosing a team that not only eliminates bed bugs but does so with an understanding of their life cycle, ensuring a comprehensive and effective treatment.

    Ready to rid your home of bed bugs? Contact Spectrum Pest Control at (412) 532-1380 or through our website www.spectrumpestcontrolinc.com. Remember, proactive measures are key in bed bug management, and we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

    Areas We Serve

    We are a local pest control company that serves Western Pennsylvania. Our service areas include:
    • New Castle
    • Neshannock Township
    • Ellwood City
    • Shango Township
    • Union Township
    • And more!

    If you don’t see your service area, call us at (412) 248-0880 to see if we serve your city.

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