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do I need year-round pest control maintenance


Benefits of Year-Round Pest Control Maintenance

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve had a conversation with someone explaining the benefits of our regular quarterly service only to be brushed off and insisting on one-time treatment.  Trust me, I get it, most people think I’m just a salesman on the phone trying to sell what’s “most profitable” for the business.  That’s not true, what I’m trying to do is not only solve your current problem but prevent you from having the same exact issue down the road.  Now if a customer is insisting on a one-time service, I, of course, will provide them with whatever they’re asking for.  What ends up happening more than you’d guess is as soon as we solve their initial problem, they’re suddenly having problems with other issues and once again they only want a one-time service.  Two or three one-time services later they’ve paid more for their one-time treatments than they would’ve for a full year of protection with our regular quarterly services. 




You see, what ends up happening is a customer will see, for example, spiders.  At this point, the only thing they care about is getting rid of these little guys because they’re scary and don’t want them in their house.  What the customer seems to forget is these spiders lay eggs…  Pesticides can NOT penetrate these eggs, so a one-time service will take care of the CURRENT problem, it will not help the inevitable future problems that come from the hatching eggs the old spiders have left behind.  This, of course, is just one of many examples, hundreds of other insects behave the same way, laying eggs that will hatch after our pesticide has weathered away.


Bugs also have this bizarre ability to adapt to their environment, and if they can’t seem to do that, they will move to the closest available harborage they can find.  Take this for example:  Your neighbor has just started pest control services, the insects that have been using your neighbors house will quickly realize that they’re no longer safe here, so you better believe they’re going next door which unfortunately is you and anyone else nearby that provides them the safest and most habitable harborage possible.  If you had your own quarterly treatments the insects from your neighbors would quickly realize that they cannot survive here – they’re going to need to go elsewhere.  Don’t get me wrong, you might have a few uninvited guests, but the masses are going to end up in another home that’s not protected, and the ones that did make their way into your home will end up dying because you have a barrier up on your house.

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