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Why Lookout for Carpet Beetles in Pittsburgh?

During the spring in Pittsburgh area, it is not unusual for some homeowners to fall prey to carpet beetle infestations. These pests are capable of wreaking havoc with all types of fabrics be it in your home or office. However, certain food products can also be found this insect’s cuisine such as cereals, milled products, nuts, and pastas. One of the main questions that homeowners often ask is whether or not this hairy little critter bites.

Although carpet beetles are commonly confused with bed bugs, they do not bite unlike the latter. The confusion about this is attributed to the presence of itchy, red blotches on the skin. The itchy, red blotches are an allergic reaction caused by the prickly hairs that are found on the body of the carpet beetle larvae, but in reality, it’s only the bed bug that actually bites the skin.

The allergy will most certainly result when there is a prolonged exposure to this pest. The carpet beetle larvae can also cause irritation and inflammation of the eyes and the respiratory tract. Furthermore, individuals who are more prone to allergic reactions than others will experience this irritation and inflammation in greater magnitude than others. The hairs on the pest can also cause rashes that can quickly spread and be extremely difficult to clear up.

Naturally, the other key concern with carpet beetles is the damage that they can cause to your carpeting and other fabrics throughout the house. In addition to carpeting and upholstered furniture, they can also damage animal hides, clothing, and furs. Once they have gained access to your home, there is no end to what they can and will feed on, including some of the foods found in your kitchen cabinets or pantry. Eradicating these pests is considerably difficult, but it can also be difficult to control infestations.

In most cases, it is probably best that you dispose of any fabrics and garments that are heavily damaged while those with minimal damage should be taken to your local dry cleaners for processing and treatment. You should thoroughly clean your carpeting (vacuum then shampoo) and then discard the vacuum bag once you have finished. For all intents and purposes, the key to controlling these pests is to eliminate the source.

Naturally, you’ll want to rely on the experience and expertise of a Pittsburgh pest control service to eradicate them and then keep them under control in the future. However, just remember, the sooner you find the infestation source, the better. These professionals are highly trained technicians that can identify the source of the problem and have a variety of options for eradicating them. Exclusion and surveillance baiting methods typically work best and that is a job for a professional pest control service. If you have been suffering due to pest infestation, look online and call in the professionals to eliminate the bugs.

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