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Why Is Bee Control Needed?

Bees play a huge part in fertilization of food crops, and that is integral to the world’s ecology. However, due to excessive pesticides, the population of bees is going down and that is one of the biggest threats to the food crops. However, when you have a beehive at your home or business, it can be dangerous. Though exterminating wasps or bees is hazardous and dangerous, oftentimes, people try to remove them using chemical sprays. However, it is essential that the sprays need to be done on the correct locations otherwise the bee colonies will not be eliminated.
The most challenging aspect of bee control is removing the nests that are located inside the walls, attic or cervices of a home. Usually the homeowner is not aware of the exact location but only sees the bees or wasps flying around. Thus, if you are in a similar situation, it is most important to stay cautious. Calling in professionals help as the exterminators understand where to spray and remove the hive so that the issue is eliminated completely.

However, it is important to remember that bees don’t pose an issue to people but whenever possible, bee hives need to be relocated rather than eliminated. This will be a small step in ensuring that the declining bee population is assisted. However, it is essential to recognize the bees that have infested the area. There are two instances when bees sting badly and can be fatal.

Hybrid African bees

These are one of the most dangerous bees that are now found all over North America and nearly 1000 people and animals have been killed due to their stings, in the last few years. It is a hybrid between the Africana and European bees which were introduced in Brazil but have migrated to different parts of North America. They are by far the most aggressive strains of bees found in the country and are aptly termed as ‘killer bees’.

Allergy to bees

This is another huge risk that bees pose. Most of the European bees that are commonly seen in the city are not a health hazard to most, but the stings are painful. For those who are vulnerable- seniors, infants or those with weak immunity, if they receive multiple stings, allergic reactions can set in which can be fatal for many. And for those who are allergic to bees, carrying an Epinephrine injection or pen is important. This is necessary because bee strings can set in an anaphylactic shock.

Thus, if you have seen bees buzzing around or entering any part of your home or building, it is best to call in the pest control service in Monroeville PA. They have more humane ways to remove the hive and relocate it to a safer destination. This helps keep in check the bee population and ensures that you stay away from the danger of bees.

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