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Why Do Pest Control Services Identify Rat Infestations Before Removing Them?

If you have seen rats or heard scurrying noises, it is time to call in a pest control service. Not only do these rodents cause structural damage to your home but are harbingers of deadly diseases and infections. Irrespective of whether you have noticed them at home or at the office, it is essential to identify and eliminate these for better health and hygiene. However, if you have tried to eradicate the rats on your own, you know how futile the whole exercise is. It is essential to understand the type of rats and rodents that have infested your living space. There are particularly two types of rats and rodents that infest living areas which includes:
Norway rats: These are the sewer rats which stocky body and short tails. They are usually brown or grey in color. These rats like to live close to the ground and burrow under things like trash, wood or even under your house’s foundation. Their nests are made from bits of paper or wool, strings and have large nests.
Roof rats: These are the other type of rats which prefer to live on the top of cabinets, attics and even in shrubs. They build nests on higher grounds and only come down to forage for food. They are dark in color with long tails and short, narrowbodies.
Irrespective of the rodent infestation you identify with, it is important to ensure that pest control professionals are immediately called in. It is important to learn ways to stop these rodents from nesting and breeding on your property. Some of the sure signs of rodent infestation include:
• Nests
• Droppings
• Holes in cardboard boxes,
• Nibble marks on clothing
• Scurrying and scraping noises
If you ignore it, it is not going to go away but increase and get out of hand. That is why it is essential to call in reliable and trusted pest control services as they have the equipment and methods to completely eliminate them in stages. Most of these companies use baits and traps to humanely remove them. However, in extreme cases, toxic baits and electric traps are used to eliminate them completely and then remove them. The pest control service will come and set the traps after evaluating the nests and other rodent invested areas. The pest control service will look for crevices and cracks in the walls, foundation and any other place that has been giving an entry pints to insects and rodents.
Only after the entry points are closed, nesting areas fumigated, food scraps and trash bins are securely closed and meshes installed or traps set, then you can expect the rodents to reduce within a couple of weeks. Although there are plenty of pest control services that will be able to assist you with the rodent issues, but it is best that you call in the professionals. Having a local company look after your pest control needs ensures that they can be called on anytime.

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