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why do i have ants in my home


Why Do I Have Ants In My Home?

Here at Spectrum Pest Control, we know that the end of winter and warmer weather brings many things, one of which is ants. We can practically set our calendar to it. Our business goes from zero to one hundred in a matter of days. Insects behave a lot like we do, when the weather is colder, they like to stay sheltered to keep warm. When the weather is warm, they like to be outside foraging for food.

I would love to tell you exactly where they are coming from, but the truth is they could be coming from anywhere. Sometimes it is just because there are a lot of ants in the area you live, and your home is just in their path. I can give you the top sources for getting ants in your home, but I have also been out to customers that had an ant infestation, but we could not find the source.

  1. Cutting Down Trees – This is a top source for getting ants inside your home. I have seen it time and again, ants were living in the trees that were cut down and the ants had nowhere to go but into the home.
  2. Mulch Around Exterior of Home – I know that mulch is a great economical way to make your home look good, but mulch holds in moisture and will be an attractant for not only ants but pretty much every insect.
  3. Over Hanging Tree Branches – If Ants are living in the tree, and the branches overhang the roofline, that makes a great entry point into your home.
  4. Food particles and crumbs – If there are a lot of food particles and crumbs laying around in the kitchen, that will be an attractant for ants to enter your home.

These are just a few sources that could be causing you to have ants in your home. If this becomes something that is too overwhelming we recommend having a professional stop over to do an inspection and come up with a game plan to solve your problem.

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