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Why Call In Professionals to Eliminate Termites Infestation?

Did you notice that wooden furniture has got tiny holes or did one of the chairs break and ant-like insects streamed out? That is termite. These pests can cause devastation to property and that is why it is essential to call in termite control professionals or pest control service. Most of these companies offer complete termite control as it is a long drawn process especially if the infestation is high. These look like large ants but are whitish in color. The local pest control professionals understand the infestation by termites and take measures to ensure that it does not reoccur.

Signs of termite infestation

The first sign of termites is mud tubes along walls or bubbling paint on walls as they move around and extend the devastation on wooden surfaces. Any crack in the ground that has termites can lead to the insects coming inside. As termites only affect the wood including walls, structure, floor or furniture, it is good to check the wooden things in and around the house. Tap on the wood and if you see tiny holes and hear a hollow sound, it might be damaged by termites. You will need to walk around the home and check for any tell-tale signs of the termites. Additionally, swarms of termites shed wings so you can look for that as a sign of termites on your property. They usually shed it in warm climates, when they mate and go back into the ground. These wings look like flat rice grains and are of exact same size.
Additionally it is important to know that termites are of two types: Dry wood and subterranean. 90% of these are underground while only 10% are the dry-wood. The subterranean ones are worse as killing them is difficult. However, as they feed off moisture and other cellulose based food, it is important not to stick firewood close to the ground. Ensure that mulch is kept a few feet off the ground.

Evaluation of infestation on property

The pest control professionals will inspect the damage caused by termites, mud tubes and other indications. They spray nematodes, a microscopic variant of roundworms which feed on termites. This can eliminate the colony with time. Other than that boric acid and toxic cellulose (in form of cardboard kept near the colony) can destroy the colony. However, pest control professional have plenty of chemicals that can invade the soil and kill the termites. That is one of the reasons it is important to ensure that you don’t try to make it a DIY project but lose no time in calling a few pest control companies. Get free quotes and then select to work with the company that meets your requirements.

Tips to avoid a re-occurrence

To avoid another episode of termite infestations, experts’ advice that it is best to avoid that any wood touches the ground. It is important to reduce moisture in and around the house especially around the foundation. All crawlspaces need to be ventilated and as dry as possible. And half-yearly or annual inspections for termites are important.

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