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pest control for spring bugs

Every year, you might notice an increase in pest activity around your household when the temperatures start to get warmer. That’s because insects are no longer dormant, just like much of the wildlife throughout the Pittsburgh area. If the presence of bugs is a reoccurring issue in your home, you can deal with it early by scheduling a spring pesticide spray treatment.

When Is the Best Time to Spray for Spring Bugs? 

The earlier you can have a spray done, the better the results. The most effective time of the year is often around late February to early March, when the weather shifts towards warmer conditions. During this period, the pests wake up from winter slumber, start being more active and repopulate their colonies.

Since most pests tend to die off during the colder season, their populations are smaller and easier to deal with in early spring. Those that may have survived the winter months might have done so using your home as a safe environment, even without you knowing. A treatment inside your home will kill off the pests before they can multiply indoors.

You might also have your lawn or garden sprayed for spring bugs before all the greenery grows in. Another advantage of getting this treatment done in the early spring is that it stops newly hatched insects from feeding on the plant life around your property.

The Importance of Year-Round Pest Control

Planning ahead in bug prevention is the best way to ensure you don’t have a larger problem in the future. The early months of the year are a crucial time to spray for bugs, but some homeowners consider treatments on a more frequent basis. Pests are unpredictable creatures, and can still pose a problem during the active summer season or in the fall when they seek shelter. You can talk with a specialist on our team at Spectrum Pest Control to determine the best routinely scheduled treatment for your home.

Our process targets the annual life cycle of most insects around the area. When a Spectrum Pest Control technician arrives at your home, the first step is a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior. Our trained professionals find every possible entry point or hiding place that pests could use. Then, our treatment technique fights the spread of bugs all year long while keeping your family safe.

Sometimes pest problems can spring up out of nowhere, and at Spectrum Pest Control, we’re equipped to deal with sudden infestations too. We care about keeping your space as pest-free as it can be, any month of the year. With us, you get a team that believes that the job isn’t done until all of your pest problems are solved. If you aren’t satisfied with our services, you have our 100% money-back guarantee.

We are number one in pest control maintanence and extermination services in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Schedule a pest control treatment for your residence today.

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