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what do carpenter ants eat


Do Carpenter Ants Eat Wood?

Surprisingly, carpenter ants are a wood destroying insect but, unlike termites, they do not actually eat the wood in your home. They will tear the wood apart to make a new home. Carpenter ants typically feed off parts from other insects and nectar. They are also known to eat sugary substances like honey, syrup, and juices. Your kitchen is a paradise for the hungry ants.

It is springtime and the weather has turned warm. We will soon be getting hundreds of calls from people with carpenter ants invading their homes. In Western Pennsylvania, this is the start of our busy season. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not die in the winter time. Their activity slows do in the winter, but they do not totally die off. When springtime rolls around their activity returns, and they are looking for shelter and food. 


When this time of year comes around, you will want to solve the problem before they take up residence in your home. There are methods that you can try yourself, but carpenter ants can be very hard to control on your own. A popular method for controlling ants would be using a peppermint spray around the area the ants like to visit. I would say it will be fifty whether this solves the problem for you. If the problem gets to a point where the over the counter methods are not working, I highly recommend calling a professional to stop and take care of the problem before it turns into damage to your home.


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