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Stinkbugs are dime sized brown bugs that are armed with an odor. They are well known for this odor and they have even got their name because of it. Stinkbugs are frustrating insects and they will crawl into your place over windowsills and through door cervices. They can be seen in every corner of the world and there are different types of them as well. They belong to the family of insects known as Pentatomidae. This insect group got their name from the Greek term ‘penta’ because of their five main sections that can be seen in their body shape.

If you look at Stinkbugs with an artistic view, you will find them as beautiful creatures. But if you look at them with a farmer’s point of view, you will find them as a pain. Many farmers in the world suffer from Stinkbug invasions and they do different things to get rid of their hassle. Farmers consider them as pests because they feed on fruits and leaves. They will suck the juice of leaves and remove the colors of them. The most disturbing fact about Stinkbugs is that they are resistant to pesticides. During a Stinkbug invasion, farmers do many things to get rid of them as soon as possible because they can do a significant damage to the yield.

Stinkbug experts have come to the world because of this reason and they provide their assistance to the farmers who are in need. First they will do a research to identify the type of bugs that can be seen in your farm. Then they will do the effective treatments to your farm in order to get rid of Stinkbugs. Stinkbugs can also come to your home. Many people do not tend to seek the assistance of pest experts during a Stinkbug attack to their home because of the cost. Since they are resistant to the common organic pesticides, the pest experts will have to seek the assistance of chemical insecticides to remove them. These chemical insecticides can create many bad effects for the human beings as well. Therefore it is not recommended to use them for residential purposes. Caulking doors and windows will help the home owners to get rid of the pain of Stinkbugs to a certain extent. But they will not be able to remove the Stinkbugs that hide in the air conditioners and chimneys with this method. Therefore hot pepper sprays have been developed to remove them and they have the ability to penetrate through the hard shell of Stinkbugs. These bugs will not die immediately and it will take around 10 hours for them to die. Therefore people can use them to get rid of the pain and it will not cause a serious damage to the human beings. Getting rid of Stinkbugs can also be considered as a full time job because of these reasons.

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