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Pittsburgh homes are not exempt from one big challenge that any homeowner faces: pests. No, not that kid who keeps skateboarding in your driveway, but the really nasty pests: insects, spiders, rodents, and so on. Once these pests set up shop in your house, you’re in for a few nasty surprises, and more than a few inconveniences. To get rid of pests, the best option is to hire a professional Pittsburgh pest control company, such as Spectrum Pest Control, Inc. But the best way to be free of these minuscule home invaders is to pest-proof the outside of your home, thereby preventing the problem before it starts. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Look for cracks in doors and windows

An easy way for creepy-crawlies to get into your home is through a door or window. Granted, if you leave these wide open, then it will be easy for them, but often they can get through even if these openings are shut. How do you ask?
A couple of ways are possible. If your doors or windows aren’t completely sealed to the outside, such as by small spaces beneath a door, or through cracks in the walls of your home, no matter the size. Make sure to invest in strong sealant to patch up these cracks and spaces. During the summer, it’s a big relief to open up the windows to let some air in, but if you do so, make sure that your windows have screens installed to prevent pests from making their way through a damaged screen.

Mind fireplaces and crawlspaces

If you have a fireplace, you’re sure to have enjoyed many a great night by a warm fire. But a chimney is also a prime entrance for any pests to enter your home. Also, any crawlspaces beneath your house are also open for invasion. Any large openings like this can be covered by any kind of metal mesh. This will prevent pests from entering.

Think about your yard

A yard is a great place for kids to play, or to grow a garden, but it is also a place where pests can hole up. If your yard is unkempt, with lots of leaves or branches lying around, or if you have standing water in buckets or pools, then your yard is prime for pest invasion. Any kind of water left stagnant in the yard is an open invitation for mosquito breeding, and once that problem starts, it’s not easy to get rid of. Keep a clean yard to prevent this from happening. Also, consider adding a birdhouse and feeder to your yard. Birds are natural predators for insects and can keep the pest population down.

Your home is your space and your refuge from the world outside. Keep it that way by pest-proofing your home. If you’ve already come under the pest invasion, don’t hesitate to call us at Spectrum Pest Control. Our exterminators will take care of any pest issues you have.

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