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Nobody wants to have bugs in their home, but if you had to allow them in, where is the last place you would want them to be? The kitchen, because that’s where all your food is! Unfortunately, the kitchen is also the most likely place for bugs to be in your home because that’s where the food is! As a trusted Pittsburgh, PA pest control company, we’ve got some good tips for you to keep the creepy crawlies out of your kitchen – especially during the upcoming holidays!

  • Take out the trash – The chore no one seems to want to do is crucial for keeping bugs out. Take out the trash every night, and either keep your garbage can under the sink or put a lid on it. There are plenty of delicious food remnants in your trash that bugs would love to feast on!
  • Put leftovers away – Leftovers need to be stored promptly. Not only will this protect you from nasty food-borne illness, it also won’t attract hungry bugs.
  • Store foods in airtight containers – Sure, those Oreos might come in a “resealable” package, but that package is meant to ensure freshness; not deter bugs. Keep your pantry items in airtight bags or containers to prevent the smell from enticing critters.
  • Wipe down surfaces – No matter how careful you are, crumbs and food particles will end up on your counters and tabletops. Therefore, you need to wipe down these surfaces daily.
  • Sweep and mop – Again, this is all about cleaning up those food remnants. Centuries of evolution have made bugs very adept at sensing food, and a pile of crumbs on the floor could be enough to bring them in. Sweep the floor nightly and mop it at least once a week.

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