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Of all earth’s creatures, no single one can match the longevity or the prolific nature of the common cockroach. There are few if any American cities that are not inhabited by this pest and yet, there are some interesting facts about them that are worth knowing. Furthermore, there are misconceptions and myths to be aware of. These make it very difficult to determine what fact is and what falsehood is. The following should help you differentiate between the two.

• All cockroaches are bad – FALSE. While most roaches are viewed as bad, there is only about 1% that is given the roughly 30 different types in existence today. Unfortunately, it feels like the bad guys all congregated here in the good ole US of A. The most common varieties found in the US are the American, brown-banded, German, and Oriental cockroaches.

• Cockroaches were around during the time of the dinosaurs – TRUE. This one is definitely not a myth. It has been estimated that the cockroach is 200 million years old. Furthermore, some fossil remains indicate that the cockroach dates back as far as 350 million years, which means that they pre-dated the dinosaurs.

• The bigger the Roach, the worse the Problem – FALSE. While size may make them more or less intimidating, it does not always mean that larger roaches will be more of a danger or problematic to you. The reality is that is that smaller cockroaches can be just as prevalent a carrier of disease as any larger species.

• Roaches eat anything – TRUE. This is 100% fact. It doesn’t matter if it’s dead skin cells, garbage, people food, plant matter, or even feces, it’s no holds barred whenever roaches need to feed.

While the best protection against a cockroach infestation is a professional preventative pest control program, there are several things you can do to help prevent infestations in your home including:

Don’t allow their entry into your home – by making your business or home exterior less attractive to cockroaches, the greater your chances of preventing infestations.

Eliminate all food sources within and outside your home – this will involve a great deal of diligence on your behalf, but it will be well worth your efforts when you see the results your vigilance brings.

Eliminate the places where cockroaches hide – this includes cracks and crevices as well as the dark voids in between indoor walls. The more hiding places you eliminate, the more roaches you will chase off.

Eliminate water sources – while the total elimination of all water sources is virtually impossible, greatly reducing them will cause the roach population a great deal of negative stress and many will die off as a result.

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