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That is a Stink Bug?


Halyomorpha halys, or simply known as a stink bug is a brown insect belonging to the family Pentatomidae, and it is native to the Asian countries like Japan, China, and Taiwan. However, they have spread out quickly and became a very serious problem for some US states in recent years. Beginning from 2010 the stink bugs have caused serious and huge damages to corn, apples, peppers, tomatoes, apples and peaches in six American states, including Pennsylvania.

What Does a Stink Bug Look Like?

The brown stink bug can be easily recognized due to its shield-like shape. Adult specimens of the stink bug reach about 1.5 centimeters in length. The juvenile stink bugs are even smaller in size and they are called nymphs. They have red eyes and have a dark yellow color. As their name suggests, they release a very unpleasant odor and that is how they are mostly recognized by the homeowners. The biggest problem is that they are reproducing very rapidly, so without help from professional exterminator services they cannot be controlled effectively.

Stink bugs eat vegetation, so they usually first appear in lawns and gardens. They possess a piercing part in their mouth by which they can penetrate the skin of the vegetables and fruits. If you notice some scars on the veggies and fruits, then they have probably been bitten by the stink bugs.

Do Stink Bugs Bite or Sting?

Interestingly, stink bugs are not aggressive insects and they do not attack people, but they still cause harm by destroying crops and become annoying due to their fast reproduction. Their unpleasant smell is the way in which they defend themselves when they feel threatened. Without proper insect control equipment, it is difficult to capture and exterminate them without causing them to emit their smell.

Pittsburgh has been plagued with stink bugs in recent years, and the best way to get rid of them is to call a professional extermination service. They usually appear in late August or in early autumn. They first appeared in Pittsburgh in 1996, but they have increased their number and caused lots of damage in the last few years. They caused millions of dollars of damage to the Pennsylvania farmers and destroyed large crops of vegetables and fruits.

Pittsburgh based companies like Spectrum Pest Control specialize in exterminating these types of bugs. We have lots of professionals that can easily determine the most efficient ways for the eradication of these unpleasant insects. We provide our insect control services to all of Western Pennsylvania. If you do not want to see these bugs at your home you should call us and ask for help. In the extermination process, we only use EPA registered pesticides that are labeled and approved for usage inside and around homes.

Our pesticide is the least toxic, and it is used according to the directions. Some other preventive measures in battling these stink bugs include sealing off the doors and windows with caulk and protecting the attic vents and crawlspaces with screens. Also, when the small gaps under the outside doors are properly closed off to prohibit the bugs from entering the home.

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