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The Cricket

When the sun goes down and the darkness comes, everyone hears the familiar chirp in the air. What you hear when you go outside is the sound of the Crickets trying to attract a mate. Though as romantic as this notion may be, sometimes that sound of the insect rubbing it’s legs together can be anything but pleasant, especially if it happens to be inside your home and you are trying to sleep. Have you ever wondered about the Cricket? Here is more information on the little green insect that everyone hears outside their home at night.

What does the Cricket look like: The Cricket can be anywhere from a half inch to an inch long. The color can vary from a brownish color to black. The Cricket has antennae at the top of their heads and wings that cover half of their small bodies. There is another set of wings called the hind wings that are just under the wings located in the front of the Cricket. However, there are some species of Cricket that do not have wings.

Where does the Cricket live: Crickets can live anywhere from under rocks and logs to living on the side of a road. It is difficult to pin down exactly where Crickets live because they can be found in all sorts of places.

What does the Cricket eat: Crickets like to eat any kind of organic plant material, species of fungi, and young seedling plants.

Why does the Cricket make noise: It is the male Cricket that rubs its wings against one another making a distinct sound. This sound is the mating call that attracts the female Crickets.

What impact do Crickets have on the ecosystem: Crickets can be very useful to the ecosystem. Because Crickets eat plant material, they help renew the soil with minerals in order for more plants to grow.

Crickets also help with the ecosystem because they provide a high protein food source for other animals. However, Crickets can also have a negative impact on the ecosystem. Because Crickets eat plant material, sometimes they can damage seedlings and prevent them from growing into plants. Crickets can be quite destructive if there are a large enough number of them eating seedlings.
What animals eat Crickets: There are many animals and insects that feed on Crickets. Birds, rodents, and lizards eat Crickets. In the insect world, spiders, wasps, and beetles eat Crickets. Many pet owners go to pet stores to buy live crickets for pets they have such as snakes, lizards, and tarantulas.

In some cultures, Crickets are considered to be good luck charms and are kept as pets. In some countries, it is considered bad luck if you find a Cricket in your home and kill it. Crickets are responsible for the chirping sound as soon as the sun goes down. The sound a Cricket makes comes from the male Cricket trying to attract a female Cricket to him for the purposes of mating. The Cricket is perhaps the most romantic of all insects, but a handy one too and should be treated with respect.

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