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It’s March, and you’re getting ready to enjoy the long overdue Spring. Your summer clothes are going to come out soon, and you’ll be drinking on your patio in mere months. But then as you are walking through your kitchen, you see a solitary ant making its way across your floor. Your first instinct is to step on it, and you do, but this reminds you of something: your house gets ants every Spring. So what are you going to do to fix this? Before you call an exterminator there are several actions you can take that will help prevent ants, and possibly even get rid of the ones you already have.


The Basic Solutions

The best solutions are often the simplest solutions, and the first thing you should do in your battle against your ant invaders is keep your house as clean as possible. Any food on the ground is liable to be picked up by ants, which will eventually bring about even more of them. By taking this pre-emptive action you can ensure no ant is ever tempted into your home again.

From here there are two things that can happen: you might never see an ant again, because they never entered your house, or you might have already had ants and really just done a nice clean up job for your new guests. In the case of the latter, you are going to need to take steps to either find their nest or get poison in their nest. The non-obvious rule here is you are going to need to prioritize the colony over the ant. That is to say, if you see an ant on the ground, don’t kill them. You can use ant bait on them, or you can just follow the ant back to his anthill and get rid of the ants the old fashion way.

Sometimes ants may discover your house and start leading other ants from their colony into your house to look for food. Here is where it helps to know that ants leave a tiny, imperceptible trail of their scent on the ground. Killing the one ant won’t prevent the next group from following now that they know where all your food is. The smarter move here is to use a combination of water and vinegar to wipe the trails. This will work better than soap or detergent and will confuse the ants enough that they might never know what a great buffet you have going on inside.

Do You Have Carpenter Ants?

Aside from wiping out the nests, you should determine whether these are carpenter ants you are dealing with. Carpenter ants are capable of doing structural damage to your house and even if you think you’ve gotten rid of every last one, it could be worthwhile to get an exterminator. Using someone like Spectrum Pest Control will help you ensure no critical damage is done to your house

There are several other things you might be interested in doing in order to solve your ant problem. You’ll want to caulk and spray any holes in your house and find all the water damage that needs fixing. Water damaged wood serves as a breeding ground for many of the females, so you should prioritize the identification and correction of these spots. Spraying a barrier is the next step as it makes it hard for ants to find other new entry points.

The Final Steps

Once you’ve done this, it is best to take the fight to the ants. There should be no possibility of them getting back in your home by the time you are done with them. Closely check the siding of your house for any hidden nests, kill all the ant nests in your yard, and then cut down any bushes or features that serve as a safe haven. By going the whole way, you save yourself from needing to do this all over again next year.

This whole time, you should be using insecticides containing bifenthrin. If you realize your attempts to clear your property of ants is turning out to be futile, then save yourself some frustration and call in an exterminator. The money you spend now will feel worth it when you don’t have any damages or stress from ants getting into your house. Spectrum Pest Control offers solutions for the toughest bug problems for as little as $35.00 per month.

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