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Springtime Pest Control Tips for Pittsburgh Area Homeowners


Even though we are still in the throes of winter, it’s never too early to start thinking about springtime pest control in the greater Pittsburgh area.  When the birds start singing and flowers begin to bloom, you can bet that unwanted pests will be coming out of their cold weather dormancy.  Furthermore, springtime is when most homeowners realize that they have pest problems that need to be dealt with immediately. Whether it is rodents or insects, it is important to eliminate them.



As the temperatures begin to rise, a broad variety of ants will become increasingly more noticeable including carpenter ants, large black ants, small black ants, sugar ants, and winged ants.  Other insects to start looking for include bees, beetles, crickets, mites, spiders, and wasps.  However, the following springtime pest control tips will help you get a handle on things before any infestations can set in.


Be sure you have a tight fitting lid on your trash can – basically any area where you discard scraps or store food is a magnet for insects and rodents.  All food should be properly stored in tightly sealed containers.


Cut shrubs and trees back – these plants are the bridges that pests will use in order to enter your home.  Insects will also be present around the foundation of your home if the grass is growing right up against it.  So be sure to cut that back as well.


Keep your kitchen and pantry areas clean – a dirty kitchen countertop or an unkempt pantry is an open invitation to a buffet line for insects and rodents alike.  Any pest will eat their fill if they find open containers or packages of food.  Even a slight scattering of crumbs will invite an infestation.


Look for stinging insects – walk your property in order to spot any bee or wasp nests that may be visible.  Be sure to inspect your attic and any outbuildings on your property as these stinging pests like to nest in or near air vents and rafters.


Thoroughly examine the exterior of your home – scour the outside of your house for inviting entryways such cracks or holes in your home’s foundation tiny openings around window frames.  Remember, pests won’t become a problem if they can’t find a way in.


Last but most importantly, store your firewood away from exterior walls – termites and a few other species of insects love stacks of firewood because it provides them with a food supply and shelter.  However, this also makes it more convenient for these pests to enter your home and start destroying the woodwork in your home.

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