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The Terror of a Wasp Infestation

Wasps, while beneficial for controlling pest insects, can be a terror to the homeowner. Not only can they be hard to be rid of, they are aggressive insects with a painful sting. There are many types of wasp species and they can be found all over the country. During the warmer months, wasps can increase in population in certain areas such as, Springdale, PA.

What do wasps look like?

The appearance of a wasp varies depending on what type of species it is. Generally though, a wasp will have two pairs of wings, a pinched waist, and a pair of antennae. Sometimes wasps are mistaken for bees due to their coloring.

What is a wasp’s diet?

Again depending on what type of species, the diet will differ. Some wasps are parasitic while others are predatory. If it is a predatory wasp, these insects will kill their prey before they consume it. A parasitic wasp species will lay their eggs in the body of a living host. Some wasps are similar to bees since they feed of nectar and pollinate flowers.

Signs of a wasp infestation

If a homeowner does feel they have a wasp infestation, it is best they leave the job of getting rid of them to the professionals. Exterminators from companies such as Spectrum Pest Control will have the knowledge and also the supplies to best serve the homeowner and rid the wasps in a safe and efficient way.

So how does one determine to call an exterminator to confirm their suspicions of a wasp infestation? Often times, homeowners will see wasps inside their homes. They come in through any openings they find, so it’s best to seal openings for future wasp prevention. If more than one wasp is seen inside a home, it can be a sign there is a nest near by.
Wasps enter a home for different reasons. While some can be an accident, sometimes wasps come into a home looking for food source, a nesting home, or a place to hibernate during the colder months. If left alone, a nest can form in a home and lead to other problems. Since many wasp species are aggressive, they can sting unprovoked. Wasps can also chew through wallboard or ceiling if they are unable to find a way out.

If a homeowner finds a nest of wasps outside of the home, it still can lead to an infestation if left alone. It’s always best to play it safe and call an exterminator and access and rid of a wasp problem before it gets worse.

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