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Termites Create Their Own Antibiotics

Surveys show that in the US alone, more than fifty million dollars are spent annually to get rid of termite infestation. No full-proof method has been discovered for the same until now. Researchers now claim that termites have developed their own antibiotics to foil human efforts to get rid of them from their own poo. This, they integrate into the woods they feed on remain protected from generally used pesticides.
There are more than 2,000 species of termites. But, just 80 of them are considered to be dangerous. If proper measures are not taken, termite infestation is sure to go beyond your control.

How termites infest your house?

Termites infest a home in numerous ways. But, the main villains are considered to be moist and piles of woods near the house. People also unknowingly invite termites by building their mulch and landscaping in the soil itself.
What problems termite infestation can create for human beings?
Termite infestation can prove to be disastrous for a home owner. These insects even though small in nature are capable of eating through wooden structures. But, there are no clear evidences to suggest that they can create any health risk for human beings. The soldier termites, those responsible for protecting their colonies may pinch. But, they do not pose any health trouble for us.

How can it be removed from homes?

Getting rid of termite infestation needs observation and patience. Remain alert to the warning signs. Watch for hollow woods or marks of blood on your bed sheets. Examining your basements and foundation too is a great strategy worth pondering. Try inserting a screwdriver into a hole in your wooden structure. If it breaks without any difficulty, you can be sure; your home is infested with these small insects. If you are sure of an infestation, take a few pieces of cardboard and set them as traps. Keeping them on where you feel these insects have built their colonies. Cardboard are generally considered to be great traps because termites feed on cellulose. Keep a stack of cardboard in the area for a few days. When the cardboard get infested, take them and burn in a safe place. This is not a full-proof solution. It is just a quick fix. Getting rid of them for good needs a multi-faceted approach.

Are there any pest measures for the removal of a termite infestation?

When it comes to termite infestation, it is always said, prevention is better than cure. Take care to ensure that your landscaping is at least one inch above the soil. You should also make sure that there is no standing water around your home. Repairing leaky faucets and properly maintaining your drainage system too would help a lot in the matter.

If you feel that the infestation is serious, the best thing to do is getting help from a professional in the field. De-cluttering your home too is an effective strategy worth trying.

Even with all these measures, you may need to take care of the same the next time. Just be vigilant to the warnings and take action accordingly.

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