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Bed Bugs Spreading in Sharon PA

Bed bugs are mostly found in developing countries. Previously bed bugs were rare in North America, but nowadays they have spread there too. As per the local exterminators, bed bug infestation has gone up by 50% from the previous year. Currently, Las Vegas occupies the third rank among nations where the infestation of bed bugs is at its highest. Since it is one of the top tourist spots of the country, it is not surprising at all to find bed bugs in movie theaters, hotels and other public places because they get transported from one place to another via human beings.
Bed bugs have got this name because they usually hide in the beddings and mattresses. They are about the size of an apple seed i.e. around 0.25 inches in length. These bugs are generally white or brown in color but after feeding they turn a shade of rusty red. They are wingless and flat in shape. Bed bugs feed on blood and under favorable conditions they can survive even upto one year without food. They are active mostly during the night when their hosts are asleep.

How does it infest our homes?

It is tough to detect the infestation of bed bugs. However, careful observation of the following might help in detecting them; physically spotting the bugs, bed bug bites, fecal smears and blood stains on the mattresses etc. When they are found in groups they give out an unpleasant smell. Bed bugs are generally found in furniture, bed sheets, seams of the mattress, floor cracks, behind baseboards, wallpaper and photo frames thus making it difficult to detect them.

What are problems that it may create for human beings?

The diseases that bed bugs carry are not transmitted to human beings. But, their bites are very irritating and can even lead to psychological problems like stress and insomnia. When bitten by bed bugs it causes itching, swelling or even blister-like inflammations of the skin.

How can they be exterminated from our homes?

Once you detect that your house has been infested by these nasty pests then you need to immediately eradicate them. Following are some techniques which will help you to get rid of these bed bugs;
 Do away with the piles of paper trash and wood where these bugs generally hide.
 Vacuum all the possible hiding places like bedding, furniture, cracks on the floor or doors properly.
 Throw away the box springs and mattresses that are infested with bedbugs.
 Wash the cloths and linens in hot water and dry them in a dryer.
 Pack the small household items in dark colored plastic bags and put them out in the sun for 2 to 3 days.

Are there any pest control measures available for bed bugs?

If the above techniques do not help you to get rid of bed bugs, then you should contact a pest control company to exterminate them. Pest control authorities are properly trained and have appropriate chemicals and equipments to annihilate the bugs.

Once the bed bugs are eradicated take preventive measures to keep them from coming back.
Thank you for considering Spectrum Pest Control Sharon Pennsylvania for all your pest control needs.

Thanks for considering Spectrum Pest Control for all your pest control needs.

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