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Reasons for the Increase in Demand for Rodent Control in Pittsburgh

As rodents establish nests underground, weather and temperature usually doesn’t affect it. This is specifically true about subterranean rodents. For most homeowners, rats and rodents might be a huge concern and that is why you need to have a pest control company on speed dial. One of the pests that can cause maximum damage is rats as they invade homes and damage walls, furniture and more. Every year, about 5 billion dollars’ worth of damages is done by rodents.

As the mice are small, they are quick to gain entry more easily than the Norway rats which are bigger in size. Thus, house mice are more prevalent pest as compared to rat infestations. However, there is no quick or sure-shot way to eliminate it, but it does include sanitation and maintenance of hygiene to start with. Leaving food items around the kitchen counters and on the floor is as good as inviting the pests to infest.

Signs Of Infestation

The mice are small in size with comparatively larger ears and beady black eyes. They are usually grey or brown in color and vary from 5 inches to 7 inches in length. Some of the signs of mice or rats in the house includes gnaw marks, pellet droppings, signs of tracks when there are active mice. You might come across nibbled cardboard boxes, paper and other fibrous materials as they use shredded material to build nests. Though most of the rodents are most active during night, they are visible during the daytime hours too.
You might want to call in the pest control and rodent control specialists to ensure that the evaluation of the area or building is done. They will seal cracks and crevices after checking the weak links and ensure that everything is sealed properly. The professional exterminator service advice people on sanitation methods, followed by exclusion of pests. Starting with baits and traps to sealing the entry points inside the home, everything needs to fit in well so that the population of rodents is reduced considerably. By killing or removing the rodents from within the house by using baits and traps, lowers their number. While sealing cracks and crevices ensures that new rodents and rats cannot enter the house with ease. This becomes even more important in fall and winters as they need a cozy place to nest and breed.

Limiting Rodents Using Traps

For long-term rodent control, it is important to limit access to food. Trappings work well to reduce the number of rats and mice and there are plenty of types that can be used. From the traditional traps to sticky and electric traps, the pest control company you call in will be able to evaluate the level of infestation and suggest accordingly. Usually to eliminate the roof rats and the Norway rats, rodenticides are available but these are toxic to pets and humans so extreme care has to be taken if it is being used.

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