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The Home Invasion of the Centipede

Centipedes are a pesky nuisance for homeowners. They can be found all over the country, including Sarver, PA. While they usually dwell and live under rocks and logs, it is very possible for these pests to enter a structure and settle down. Like other insects, centipedes, thrive and love wet, moist areas. Some of their favorite places to infest are: damp basements, closed off crawl spaces, and any other area in the home that can harbor moisture.

What does a centipede look like?

Based on their name, centipedes have 100 legs. They have flat, segmented bodies. Each segment has a pair of legs. On their head they have a very sensitive pair of antennae which are used to detect prey and their surroundings. They can come in varying colors, from brown, to yellow, or gray. In terms of length, the centipedes usually found in a home can range in length, growing up to 38 mm. Some other species can grow up to 152 mm.

What do centipedes eat?

Centipedes are carnivores that prey on other soft-bodied insects such as spiders, worms, and cockroaches. Their front or first pair of legs is shaped into what looks similar to claws and holds a venomous gland. These jaws or claws are used to paralyze their food source. Since these insects do feed and consume other house pests, they can be a bit beneficial. However, they can quickly become a nuisance that will need to be eliminated.

Do centipedes bite?

Yes, centipedes do bite. Their bites while not fatal to a human can be very painful. Sometimes these bites can also cause an allergic reaction. Some people may experience some symptoms such as pain, swelling, and redness. For those who are extremely sensitive to the venom of a centipede can experience other side effects which can include: nausea, vomiting, headaches, and even chest pains. Homeowners who have small children or are allergic to insect bites should take the initiative to remove these insects from their home if they are spotted.

What to do if there is an infestation?

It can be difficult to determine if there is an infestation of centipedes. The only way to determine if there is one is if they are spotted. However these creatures can be hard to spot as they are nocturnal and prefer to move in the darkness. If the homeowner does find more than just a few centipedes in a certain area, an exterminator should be notified. For those who live in or near the Pittsburgh area, contacting an experienced company such as Spectrum Pest Control will serve and help homeowners to eliminate and reduce the threat of a centipede invasion.

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