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Spider Mites

The spider mite is a plant pest and sometimes a human pest as well. However, the good news is that lady beetles and other predatory mites can keep them under control in many instances. The bad news is that often, insecticides will kill off the spider mite’s natural predators which can cause their population numbers to spiral out of control. By understanding the spider mite better, you will be in a position to better understand these insects and keep your plants and crops safe from the spider mite’s feeding habits. There are many different varieties of spider mites, but all of them tend to produce bad results when they infest plants.

Plants that have been infested with spider mites may become discolored or have a bronzed appearance. They may also look as though they have been scorched. Some plants may also take on a “flecked” appearance. Injuries caused by the spider mite can lead to the loss of leaves as well as the death of the plant in some instances. By managing the moisture in the area where spider mites have taken up residence and controlling irrigation, gardeners can keep these creatures under control.

Spider mites bruise the cells of a plant when they feed off of them using their whiplike mouthparts and sucking sap out of them. The areas of damage on a plant can be readily observed. The plants become discolored and speckled. Following a severe infestation, the leaves may look like they’ve been scorched and drop off. Essentially, the feeding habits of these tiny arachnids causes the plants a serious amount of stress, which can ultimately lead to their death.

Ticks, spiders, and scorpions all belong to the same family as the spider mite. They are not easy to see with the naked eye, but if you do catch a glimpse of them, they are often red, brown, yellow, or green depending on the species in question. The appearance of spider mites also tends to change from season to season. A large population of spider mites will usually create a web which is, at least easier to observe, and can alert the gardener to the fact that the spider mites are present. The webbing, on the other hand, was designed to protect the mites and their eggs from enemies and harsh environmental conditions.

Spider mites may attack vegetables such as beans or eggplants or fruits such as raspberries, currants, or pears. They are also fond of some flowers, however. Some species of spider mites will take up residence in evergreen trees such as the spruce or juniper. Other species prefer pine trees or shade trees such as elm, ash, or oak. The clover mite is a type of spider mite that invades grass and plants around the house and can not only cause a lot of damage outdoors, but also tries to move into the house during the winter months. Needless to say, they are a considerable nuisance to humans and can be a life-threatening problem to plants.

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