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Why Are Carpenter Ants An Issue During The Winters?

Noticing an ant crawling across your home, regardless of whether it’s on the window ledge or on the pantry shelf is without a doubt a thing to be concerned with. This holds even more importance, if it happens when everything is covered in snow outside. Ants are pests known to be around during warm weather and carpenter ants are absolutely no exception. They are cold-blooded insects, just like almost all of the other species of ants that you are going to find. So, how can they be an issue during the winter? You may not like what you read, unfortunately.

Nests in wood

When you picture an ant, you are likely to associate it with mounds in your lawn as well as hundreds, if not thousands of tiny ants crawling in the dirt. This is the exact thing that you should imagine for the majority of the ants. They establish their nests in the ground and that’s why you might find it rather difficult to come across them in your home. Carpenter ants, however, are rather different. They will establish their nests right inside the wood which is something to be considered.

They can be found in rotting trees, roots, trees which have already fallen, decaying wood of any kind and in stumps. If you see a carpenter ant in your home during cold weather this means that your home is already theirs. What is more, since your home is actually warmed up, these pests have absolutely no issue being perfectly active throughout the entire winter.

Destructive pests

Carpenter ants are particularly resourceful. They have quite an extensive list of food that they could truly and actively survive on. Thus, shrugging the problem off if you see an ant or two is without a doubt not a good idea. Some of the things that they actually eat include dead bugs. You shouldn’t get too comfortable if you haven’t seen carpenter ants in your food storage compartments because they can still find quite a lot of things to eat. Spiders as well as other insects are found within your walls. When these critters die, they are going to become a meal for other bugs – this is especially true for carpenter ants.

These are particularly destructive. The longer you refrain from taking the matter seriously, the more issues you are going to have. The ants are going to keep damaging your wood with their distinctive and characteristic tunnels and this is going to lead to certain structural problems. If you are experiencing a carpenter ant infestation, you should most certainly consider getting a professional to help you out with the problem because this could potentially turn out to be something rather major.

Although tiny in size, these insects can be a reason for thousands of dollars in damage, if left untreated. Thus, call in a professional pest control service and let them eliminate the infestation.


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