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The world of local pests is complicated, ever-changing, and endlessly fascinating. See what we mean and check out our blog! 

family playing on computer inside

How To Get Rid of the Stink Bug Smell

While stink bugs pose no threat to homeowners or their furnishings, if you’ve ever found one in your home then you know that they’re a pesky problem that live up to their name — they stink.Read more
family in the kitchen

How To Get Rid Of Ants Kitchen

Oh, ants — we like you on our “logs,” smeared with peanut butter and served as a snack for the kids. But we don’t welcome you marching around our kitchens.Read more
brown recluse spider on white paper

Common Types of Spiders in Pennsylvania

The dreaded spider, I’ve seen 250 pound grown men scream like little girls running into an unexpected spider in their house. I’ve seen it because I’m that grown man, and I, just like you, didn’t like these little (and sometimes rather large) spiders anywhere near me.Read more