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Don’t Let Cluster Flies Ruin Your Summer and Fall

Cluster flies are not an unfamiliar pest for people. During the hot summer days, these flies can usually be found in the home in little used rooms or attics, giving them the nickname “attic flies.” They are a common household pest that can be found all over the country including places such as, Hermitage, PA. Even though they are slow moving flies and do not present a health hazard, they are still a nuisance that no homeowner should have to deal with.

What do cluster flies look like?

An adult cluster fly can grow up to 10 mm in length. Their thorax is covered with short, golden yellow hairs, their abdomens are dark and light grey checkered, and stripes or lines are located behind the head. The wings of this insect will overlap each other when not in use. They also have large reddish brown eyes. A cluster fly is a bit larger than the common housefly and will not move as fast.

How do they get into the home?

Homeowners may think that having a screens up is enough prevention and protection from cluster flies. However, this isn’t the case at all. These insects can find their way into a home through small cavities and holes located in the home’s structure. They particularly prefer to invade the home towards the end of fall when it begins to get colder so they can hibernate until the weather becomes warmer again. Cluster flies are most likely to hibernate in the walls and also other areas inaccessible to people.

How to determine if there is a cluster fly infestation

Cluster flies prefer to congregate on the sides of a home where it is sunny and warm. A homeowner may notice an abundance of these flies on their structure or even hear them buzzing around the windows. They prefer to reside in rooms that have little to no activity and are attracted to the light. If there are suspicions that there is an infestation, it’s best for the homeowner to contact a pest control company right away before the fall season is over. Once it gets colder, these flies are harder to remove since they have already found their way into the walls. Experienced companies such as Spectrum Pest Control will send over an exterminator with extensive knowledge on how to eradicate this pest from the structure while still addressing and serving all the homeowners needs and concerns.

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