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Kitchens are prone to attracting pests. However, commercial kitchens tend to need even more pest control care than residential kitchens. Working with food, no matter how well the kitchen is cleaned, has the possibility to attract any number of cockroaches, ants, and rodents. Deep cleaning the kitchen on a regular basis will help to reduce the attraction and smell of food, but if there are avenues into the kitchen from outside or from the neighboring restaurant’s kitchen, it is even more challenging to prevent pests invading your kitchen.

Using preventative tactics is the best option for cutting down on the amount of pests entering your kitchen. Cover and seal garbage cans well, eliminate any areas that are wet, like leaky plumbing. Cover drains with small screens so roaches can’t enter. To prevent mice and insects from entering, seal up any entry points, like poorly sealed doors, cracks or crevices.

Having pest control services come in for extermination can be tricky job with all the food present, and the need to keep the restaurant kitchen open and producing food during hours of operation. Pest control specialists in Pittsburgh understand this and are trained to accommodate the need for rodent removal or roach extermination in commercial kitchens. No matter the pest in your kitchen, there are ways to prevent pests from entering and making their home. Pest control specialists are trained to identify where the source of the problem is and stop the pests at the root.

Contact the best in Pittsburgh pest control at Spectrum Pest Control. We will ensure the pests won’t deter your customers from stopping in for their favorite foods at your restaurant.
*If you need more specific directions about keeping your commercial kitchen free of pests through eco-friendly steps, read here.

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