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Is There Pest Control Treatment for Hornets, Wasps, And Yellow Jackets?

If you have a beautiful yard or a flowering garden, you must be used to the hovering hornets, wasps, bees and yellow jackets. Irrespective of the fact that these insects are pollinators but they sting and that is extremely distressing. For those with allergies, it can be hazardous with these living in your vicinity.


Usually all stinging insects can be seen buzzing around in spring when the flowers start to bloom. And that is the time they start to build hives and nests. As the summer progresses, so does their breeding and you might be surprised to see the new hornets or bees emerging as they forage for food. They look for sugar in foods, nectar and drinks. That is why you often find some of the buzzing and flying insects when you have an outdoor event as oftentimes, they are attracted by strong scent and drinks. However, if you often find trying to duck from a lot of the wasps, yellow jackets or even bees whenever you step outside, it is time to call in the pest control service in Pittsburgh. Trying to remove the hive or nest of the hornets or bees can be very dangerous especially if you have no clue about doing it properly. Not only can hitting it dislodge the whole colony of hornets, yellow jackets or the wasps which can sting you all over or sting others in the vicinity but such stings can be fatal for humans.

All of the pest control professionals come fully equipped to handle such exigencies. They have safety gear that covers them from head to toe before they smoke out the insects and then quickly remove their hive and put it afar.

Nesting habits of stinging insects

You may have located the nest as the wasps can build the nest anywhere- in the eaves of the roof, on the ground or even in the trees surrounding the house. Before you actually call in the professionals, by locating the hive or the nest you can be sure to avoid going there. The serious aspect of avoiding these insects is that hornets, wasps and yellow jackets sting repeatedly and in case, you unknowingly disturb it, you might be stung by hundreds of them repeatedly. This is not only painful, but can create a medical emergency. That is why if you see a few hornets or wasps flying around every day, stay beware.

When you call in the pest control service, they know that these pollinators of nature are important aspect of the eco-system and that is why they usually relocate them to a wooded area, instead of killing them off. This is more humane and helps nature in the long run. That is another reason not to try and do it on your own, as you might use chemicals to kill them all.


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