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Spring is coming, and there’s never been a better time to get on top of your spring cleaning.
A few of these tips can help contribute to a hassle-free home for you this year. Every year, homeowners focus on clearing out their houses, getting rid of clutter, and making things cleaner. Although it is certainly nice to have your home looking clean and to have fewer things inside your home, it can also be a beneficial way to prevent bugs from ever being able to enter your house.

While many individuals focus on cleaning the interior of their home during the spring, it’s also a great time to implement an exterior cleaning and projects. Doing a few outdoor projects during the early part of spring can protect you all spring and summer long. Since spring and summer are the most common season for bugs and other pests to try to come inside, you can do your part for pest control to keep that from happening. Preventative actions will keep your home clean all year long.

As temperatures get warmer, bugs and other pests are more likely to try and visit your home. You are likely to notice these creatures growing in numbers as the temperatures outside get hotter. If you’re careful about eliminating what attracts these pests, you can take an important first step towards getting rid of them entirely. Don’t wait to let an infestation even happen, because it can get out of control quickly and require you to bring in the resources of a pest control expert. When an infestation happens, you may not even want to be in your own home because you are concerned that the pests are everywhere, and who could blame you?

That’s why it’s essential to do everything in your power to prevent it from ever happening. While you’re doing your indoor spring cleaning, you want to implement some plans to tackle the outside as well. Both indoors and outdoors, you can do a big part of preventing infestations from ever occurring if you’re careful and thorough. Combined with a comprehensive pest control, it’s like giving these creatures the “one two punch”. They never get in and if they do, they don’t have as many food sources to draw from.

Keep in mind the following tips when you’re trying to keep your home bug free from the interior and exterior:

  • Reduce the opportunity for them to find standing water or moisture
  • Seal all cracks or smaller openings that are at the foundation of the home
  • Seal all food containers, both human and pet
  • Cut back tree branches and plants that are near the home or any windows
  • Focus on cleaning efforts in the kitchen by keeping counters clean and removing all trash immediately
  • Check on pet food sources and throw away any extras after your pet is finished eating
  • Get a pest treatment for the exterior

Don’t let the bugs overrun you this year. Beat them to it by using spring cleaning to keep them from ever entering. It’s a great time to seal your home with help from a pest control company before it gets warmer!

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