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How to Eliminate A Rodent Infestation

Before you engage in any extermination or methods for control, you need to properly identify the population of the pest. Noise within the walls may indeed be the result of a mice infestation but it’s also possible that it’s due to insects and even the building itself.

Close feeding areas

All of the sites of feeding and the entry points have to be properly identified and eliminated. The food sources of humans should be kept within glass or metal containers with stable lids. Thrash cants have to be very resilient and also sealed. The same goes for the entry points at counter tops, sinks, kitchen floors and others of the kind. You have to concrete or seal with steel all cracks, crevices and holes. If there are open areas around pipes and gas lines they would also have to be taken care of. Keep in mind that the snap traps can pose dangers to humans as well so you need to place them properly. At the same time, you can go for glue traps but they also have to be carefully placed in order to have an effect.

Baiting works

You can also use bait but it should be done carefully because improper placement might actually hurt people as well as pets and wildlife. Homeowners are not advised to do this at their home. Mouse infestations are rather troublesome and very dangerous to humans. They are going to destroy plastic, boxes, paper, in order to get the construction of their nests. Their saliva, feces and urine can contain viruses as well as harmful bacteria like Hantavirus or salmonella which poses incredible threat. That’s why it’s necessary to exterminate the infestation as quickly as possible and it’s highly advisable to take action when you notice the very first sign. This is because it’s harder to exterminate it once the colony has grown. It is best to target the infestation when mice colonies are still small and the most efficient and effective mouse extermination techniques are those that are carried out by professional pest control experts.

Types of traps

Classic snap traps are very often used to kill mice inside the home. For most optimal results make sure to place them flush to walls and the trigger should be facing the wall. You can also use glue boards but they have to be placed properly. If the mouse gets caught it won’t be able to move and would die of hypothermia. Zapper traps are also usable as they lure the mice into enclosed space and delivering a fatal shock of electricity. They are costly and they also require batteries.

Homeowners might also consider using baits but they are not recommended for domestic use. Rodent baits can actually be quite poisonous to people. Furthermore, house pets might unwillingly eat them and the same goes for small children, if the bait isn’t placed properly. Serious infestations would certainly require professional help. Call your local pest control service and let them work to eliminate mice infestation.

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