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How To Deal With A Carpenter Bee Infestation?

Carpenter bees are known to be an incredibly destructive as they cause damage to homes throughout the entire country. These particularly annoying creatures are known to destroy wood because they would nest within it and thus cause the homeowner significant problems. The following is definitely going to provide you with some insight as to how to properly handle these little nuisances.

What do they look like?

Actually, they look like Bumble bees. You have to look closer in order to spot the difference as bumble bees are going to have hairy abdomen parts while carpenter bees don’t. Bumble bees have yellow bands striped around their belly while carpenter bees do not have those as well and they have larger heads.

Are they aggressive?

They are not very aggressive even though they can sting. It’s important to note that only the females can actually sting you as the males won’t pose a threat. Of course, males are also very protective of their particular space and they might act aggressive. You have to stay calm as the male bee is going to go on flying around you if you start flapping your arms and erratically move your body. The females are usually preoccupied with drilling holes so it’s unlikely that you get stung.

Where do they drill?

Actually, the hole of a carpenter bee looks flawless. It could get as large as about half an inch in diameter and once the bee gets inside it’s going to start laying eggs. The holes can be practically everywhere, provided the surface is made of wood.

Why are they a concern?

Carpenter bees can, in fact, cause a lot of damage which could potentially weaken the entire structure of your home. They love to fly unnoticed and that’s why many homeowners wouldn’t even know that there is a problem. The holes of the termites are much more distinctive. In any case, the damage that the bee causes is going to do over prolonged amount of time and cause extensive damage as a result.

How should I handle this?

You can treat the holes with insecticidal dust but you should do this at night. Do not close the holes because the bees need to come into contact with the dust so that they can properly spread it throughout the entire tunnel. Once the weather cools off, fill the holes and paint the surface. However, it’s incredibly advisable to contact a pest control company as it could get quite tricky.
In any case, a problem of the kind should not be taken lightly because it wouldn’t really take much time for these bees to compromise the integrity of a wooden structure. Call in pest control service that can handle bee infestations and get them humanely removed. Not all bees have to be killed. There are ways to eliminate them from your property and ensure that the colonies of bees are rehabilitated in the wild.

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