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how to prevent bee's from getting in your house

How Do I Stop Bee’s from Getting into my Home?

I’ll be honest here, you can’t.  Short of throwing an impenetrable dome over your home, there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent this from happening.  I have seen customers waste literally thousands of dollars having a professional company come in and seal up their homes to prevent a problem and end up having the same reoccurring issue year after year after year.  I’m not saying that the contractor that sealed up the home did a bad job, chances are they did everything they could do, its just simply not possible to bee proof a home no matter how good of a job you’ve done.


Now just because you can’t prevent bee’s from entering your home doesn’t mean you can’t deter them.  But you’ll have to decide for yourself if the hefty cost is worth the results that you’re sure to get.  Like I said earlier, I have customers that have spent thousands on having their homes properly sealed, to the point where whoever sealed everything up for them actually used industrial grade spray foam to fill in cracks and crevices and they still ended up with the same problem.  I’m by no means a contractor, I have no idea the method the contractor used, all I know is that whatever they did ended up not working.  Now bear in mind, not a lot of folks are going to be paying someone to come out with spray foam to fill in cracks and crevices, they’re more than likely going to use some sort of caulk or mortar mix depending on the location they’re filling.  If the bee wants to make your home their home, they will.


Here are some tips and ideas that you as a homeowner can take a look at to see if there’s something you can do to locate bees that are burring in around your home.


  1. Pay attention to where you’re noticing the largest congregation of bee’s, this is a huge clue and sometimes will lead you to the area they’ve decided to nest in. You’re only noticing them in the back bedroom?  There is a good chance the nest is somewhere in that general area, although I’ve seen bee’s located in one room and the nest be in another.


  1. Listen! No seriously, turn off all your electronics, shut your windows, be still and listen.  Do you hear a buzzing or a humming?  Maybe something that sounds like a small scratching?  If you can locate where this noise is coming from, you’ve found your nest.


  1. Grab the binoculars & head outside. Look near your shutters, chimney, gutters, attic/exhaust fans & vents, etc.  These are hot spots for bee activity.


If you find yourself or know anyone else that’s having an issue with bee’s in their home, please give us a call…  We have trained technicians that have protective bee suits to prevent anyone from getting harmed, the last thing you want is to dig into what you think is a small nest with 10 bees in it and get swarmed with hundreds of them because trust me we see it every summer.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve saved a Pittsburgh homeowner from a hospital trip by doing a bee’s nest for them.  You can reach Spectrum Pest Control at 412-532-1380, we have fair rates and will provide you with the quickest possible response time.

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