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How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

We get a ton of calls asking this very question “How Did I Get Bedbugs”. Unfortunately, I am not able to give you a definitive answer to where they came from, but I can tell you the top places that you would pick them up and transfer them into your own home.

how do bed bugs get into your home

  1. Hotels, hospitals, friends houses – The biggest way of getting bed bugs is by staying the night somewhere that already had an active infestation. This could be a hotel, friends’ home, or even at the hospital. If there is an infestation at the location, they will hitch a ride home with you.
  2. Someone with an infestation stays the night – This situation goes both ways also. If someone stays the night that has an infestation in their own home, they will transfer them into yours.
  3. Public Transportation With bed bugs, you can pick them up from anywhere that was visited by someone who had an infestation. I have even watched videos online showing a public bus that had an active infestation on the seats. We have even had callers tell us that they visited a bar and think that is where they picked them up. It is very possible that the next time you call an Uber, they had a passenger right before you that had a bed bug infestation.

Where to Look for Bed Bugs

I am not writing this to scare anyone, but this is the reason that bed bugs have become such an epidemic over that last ten years. The biggest tip I can give anyone is to do a visual inspection before staying the night somewhere new. Pay very close attention to the corners and seams of the mattress because that will be the hot spot of bed bug activity. Obviously, you cannot take the time to inspect every place you visit, but at the very least do an inspection when spending a night at the number one place bed bugs spread from.

Call an exterminator and get rid of those pesky bed bugs ASAP. At Spectrum Pest Control, we offer emergency services to ensure your home is pest free at all times – (412) 467-0287

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