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Bed bugs. Just the name of these insects can bring very visceral reactions. Let’s face it, they are hated and are a nuisance. The idea of them comes a lot of fear and uncertainty. They are so small that they can travel unseen. A single bed bug may not be known about for some time after it migrates into a new home. By the time it is found, it may have multiplied and become an infestation.

How to Identify Bed Bugs

These tiny bugs are reddish brown in color, oval in shape, and despite the presence of wings on the adults, they are non flying insects. They feed on blood and the ideal temperature is between 70° and 80°, which is a typical indoor temperature for many homes. Females can lay one egg a day, which takes ten days to hatch. After the egg is hatched, it will take another five to six weeks to go from nymphs to adults.

If bed bugs are not taken care of in a timely manner, they can result in an infestation issue for residents. Bed bugs can live and thrive in both clean and dirty environments. Despite the myth that they only live in areas of poor sanitation, it doesn’t matter if sanitation conditions are good or poor. They can also live for long periods of time without feeding, so they can even be found in vacant homes and properties. Because they are cold-blooded, they can survive for longer if the temperatures are cooler, as their metabolism will also slow with the lower temperatures.

Bed Bugs Travel Well

Bed bugs can easily be picked up while traveling in luggage or on clothing. Many hotels, even high-end hotels, can have a presence of bed bugs. With so many people coming through with clothing and suitcases, it is very easy for the bed bugs to move from an infested home into a hotel and transfer to a new home on a host or in the host’s suitcase. They can easily spread through multiple rooms unseen.

Hotels are a common place to have a bed bug presence, however, they have been found in moving boxes, movie theaters, shelters, public transportation vehicles and office buildings. Bed bugs can be found in any location where there is a large number of people coming and going or congregating. They can also be present in used clothing, mattresses, or furniture.

Treatment for Bed Bugs

Once you find the presence of bed bugs in your home or your property, contact a pest control specialist immediately for a professional bed bugs treatment. There are at home solutions to kill bed bugs, but getting rid of bed bugs is difficult and sometimes impossible on your own. This is because of their tendency to hide in out of the way places. A bed bug exterminator understands the habits and locations bed bugs will hide and multiply. In performing the treatment to get rid of bed bugs, they will identify all the possible locations for them and exterminate them.

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