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Health Hazards of Cockroach Infestations

Every one of us has, at some point in our lives, encountered the cockroach whether it was a few that frequented your kitchen countertops or a full blown infestation. Their existence dates back roughly 70 million years ago during prehistoric times. In fact, it is believed that the cockroach is the only creature on earth that is capable of surviving a nuclear holocaust. Furthermore, it’s a safe bet that just about every home on the face of this planet has shared time with the cockroach.

Not only do cockroaches breed disgust and fear, they can contribute to a number of physical health hazards, if they are left to roam free in the confines of your dwelling. While this pest does not directly cause and specific disease, they are nonetheless carriers of health hazards ranging from diarrhea to food contamination. You certainly don’t like the creepy crawlies all over the kitchen counter. Here are 6 ways in which a cockroach can cause health hazards:

Allergies – cockroach body parts and their saliva secretions contain dozens of different allergens, all of which are capable of triggering unpleasant reactions. If you are prone to allergic reactions you could experience coughing and sneezing, rashes on a number of different bodily areas, and watery eyes.

Asthma – cockroaches are well known for being an asthmatics worst enemy. If your home gets infested and you or a family member is an asthma sufferer, you may see a significant increase in the number of attacks that occur. The allergens that cockroaches carry can trigger severe complications and in some cases, their asthma attack can be life-threatening. Additionally, individuals who are not asthmatics may develop asthma.

Biting cockroaches – research has shown that some cockroach species actually bite us. While these cases are quite rare, people living in an infested home should take care because the pest will nibble on their fingernails, softer skin areas, and toes leaving behind wounds in the process.

Contamination of food – simply stated, a cockroach can eat ANYTHING! In addition to human foods, they have been known to feed on animals, fecal matter, glue, hair, leather, paper, and even soap. They contaminate your food by defecating on it, depositing their empty egg shells on it, or leaving behind dead skin cells and hair. This in turn can lead to ailments and allergic reactions.

Food poisoning – it was recently revealed that the occurrence of new cases of food poisoning decreased significantly whenever pest control services eradicated cockroach infestations. The pest is also a carrier of the Salmonella bacteria which can lead to food poisoning and typhoid.

Inoculating disease-causing bacteria – cockroaches regurgitate their digestive fluids and saliva on food when they are feeding. This inoculates your food with the bacteria and germs that reside in their digestive tract and gut. This can lead to a variety of digestive problems, sepsis, and urinary tract infections.

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